How To Create an Excellent Client Experience

As a real estate agent, you know that client referrals can be a true “golden ticket” to earning prospective clients’ trust, building your referral network, and ultimately, winning new clients. The one small problem? Actually securing new clients and working your referral network is easier said than done!

With that in mind, we recently sat down with Updater client (and awesome RE agent!), Bill Paulson of Keller Williams – Needham, Newton, and Wellesley, to learn more about his successful client experience approach.

According to Paulson, offering an “above and beyond” client experience is all about taking care of his clients’ needs at every stage of the transaction. “I want my clients to think of me as a full-service agent,” said Paulson. “As part of that, I’m all on board for offering any service, like Updater, that will help lessen my clients’ workload and ease their transition during an otherwise stressful time.”

The results? His efforts have paid off! In fact, one of Paulson’s clients posted an incredible, 5-star review on Yelp about his client experience. In their review, Paulson’s client even highlighted the fact that Paulson offers Updater as a value-add moving tool.

Despite his successful client experience approach, Paulson also admits that earning referrals requires a fair amount of elbow grease. So, while client referrals won’t necessarily come rolling in overnight, simply staying attuned to your clients’ needs and investing in the right technologies will get you pretty far!