How to Be a ‘High-Touch but Tech Savvy’ Company

“Our actual on-site staff does not really have much interaction with Updater…” says K. David Meit, CPM® of Oculus Realty.

What’s that? Why would we start off with a seemingly negative quote, you ask? Because Updater is actually designed to require little upkeep and interaction from your staff. Meit continues, “… Which is great! Our on-site staff’s lack of interaction with the product means that Updater is providing seamless service to our new residents with little effort from our team.”

How-so? All that’s required of the on-site staff is to simply enter a new resident’s information into their core property management software (as they do with every resident). From that point on, the majority of the interaction occurs directly between Updater and the new resident.

Oculus Realty, our first multifamily real estate firm in the DC-Metro area, has quickly become one of Updater’s most successful clients, seeing incredible traction in the form of highly engaged residents and smooth moves across all Oculus properties.

Time and time again, Updater is described as an extremely convenient solution to connect with (and delight) one of the largest and most important demographic for property managers throughout the country – Millennials.

“The convenience of logging into Updater is a huge draw for our residents,” explains Meit. “It’s also the type of technology that connects extremely well with our Millennial residents due to its online presence and ease of use. Offering to make the move-in experience better is not only a huge value-add, it also boosts our reputation as a high-touch but tech savvy property management company.”