Jenna Weinerman Joins Move For Hunger Board of Directors

If you’ve moved recently, you’re all too familiar with the concept of purging old belongings and items, and starting fresh in your new home. The same can apply to your food. If you’ve ever thrown out most items in your pantry to start fresh, you’ve contributed to an incredible amount of food that is wasted during home moves.

For years, Move For Hunger has been mobilizing the relocation industry to reduce this food waste and help fight hunger. Move For Hunger works with professional moving companies nationwide who encourage their customers to save the food they were about to toss and hand it over to the moving company. Those moving companies then make deliveries to local Move For Hunger partner food banks. In the blink of an eye, that food waste becomes meals for hungry families.

For years, I’ve been a friend of the organization and a supporter of the many partners who execute on such a rewarding mission. Therefore, I couldn’t be more thrilled about joining the Board of Directors and helping to guide the organization’s strategic vision. To date, Move For Hunger’s network has collected over 7 million pounds of food and I look forward to helping cross that 10 million pound milestone!

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