[Free Download] Moving Day Kids Coloring Book

As a professional in the relocation industry, you know that providing an excellent customer experience is part and parcel of your job description. While you’d love nothing more than to raise the bar on your company’s customer experience, you know the realities of undertaking such a project: simply put, it’s an investment that takes time, resources, and the cash to back it up. But, delivering an excellent client experience doesn’t have to mean providing free moving boxes to every customer that books with you.

Instead, it could be as simple as providing a resource for your clients’ kids, like a coloring book. The aim of the coloring book would be to keep the kids entertained come moving day so they’re busy drawing, not playing with the bubble wrap on the floor. Check out this free coloring book you can provide your clients. It can be a useful resource that demonstrates that your company understands even the smallest of your customer’s needs on moving day. Start thinking along these lines, and you’ll be well on your way to improving your company’s customer experience at little cost.

Check out the pages of the coloring book below. It includes contributions from our Penske Partner program friends including Simple Moving Labor, Sparefoot, and Penske, as well as Updater.