Moving Box Estimator Guides for Real Estate Clients

Exactly how many moving boxes does it take to move a three-bedroom home anyway?

… Uhh?

We thought so! As a professional that helps other people move (yep, we’re looking at you, property managers, real estate agents, and moving companies!), your clients ask for moving help and advice all the time. The one small problem? Estimating how many moving boxes and supplies your clients need to move is easier said than done.

With that in mind, we put our expert movers and packers on it! 

We created moving box estimator guides to help your clients determine how many small, medium, and extra-large moving boxes that they’ll need – customized for the square footage of their home.

Copy and paste these guidelines directly to your clients:

400-700 square feet

  • 7-15 small boxes

  • 9-15 medium boxes

  • 6 large boxes

  • 3 extra-large boxes

700-1250 square feet

  • 17-23 small boxes

  • 15-22 medium boxes

  • 7-11 large boxes

  • 4-6 extra-large boxes

1200-1700 square feet

  • 32-37 small boxes

  • 25-35 medium boxes

  • 16-20 large boxes

  • 10-12 extra-large boxes

1700-2200 square feet

  • 38-42 small boxes

  • 36-47 medium boxes

  • 21-26 large boxes

  • 13-15 extra-large boxes