NMHC OpTech 2015 Recap & Launch Pad Winner

Nothing tastes better than sweet, sweet victory. Well, maybe San Diego’s fish tacos…

Actually… nope.

In all seriousness, we were absolutely humbled and thrilled to win the NMHC Launch Pad competition this year. Thank you to the National Multifamily Housing Council and all judges for your time and for the opportunity to present in the competition.

Also, wow!, what a huge year for the OpTech conference as, again, you managed to bring together the top leaders in the industry to focus on technology, innovation, new ideas and actual implementation of those ideas.

Here are a few of Updater’s key takeaways from the event:

  • Analytics are key. Time and time again, we heard BI folks, marketing folks, and IT folks saying the same thing. We need more data, but we need to be able to visualize it and actually use it. More isn’t necessarily better. But, more actionable data is always better.

  • Marketing is changing… fast. Properties are using iBeacon technology, they’re implementing fellow Launch Pad presenter Realync’s technology, they’re making the age-old tour an instant and personalized experience, they’re using Snapchat. If you don’t know how to keep up, hire someone that does.

  • Self-service apartment hunting is more real than ever. Don’t miss an opportunity on your website to answer a prospect’s question. If prospects have to go hunting for an answer, chances are, they won’t.

  • Smart technology – so hot right now. August’s Smart Lock and Doorbell Cam – totally awesome and perfect for residents with nannies, dog walkers, boyfriends/girlfriends, etc. Banyan Water will save you money (and save the world). Luxer One with their controlled-access smart package rooms. EverCharge because electric cars aren’t going anywhere and you’ll need charging stations. Just to name a few.

  • Opportunities are right in front of us. Companies that adapt to new technology and disruption trends will not only thrive, but accelerate at an unbelievable pace. Leverage all the assets you have – tangible and intangible. Create an on-demand mentality. Experiment. Build a community.

Regarding the OpTech Launch Pad competition, again, thank you to every single person in the audience who cast a vote, every client who offers our product, and every resident who loves our product. We are so proud that in one short year, we’ve been able to not only launch our product for multifamily companies, but also gain enough traction in the industry to win Launch Pad. Words can’t express our gratitude. We promise to never stop innovating, integrating and imagining.

Congratulations to our fellow Launch Pad participants: August, EverCharge and Realync. Your products absolutely rock.

Here are a few of our favorite shots from the week.

If you missed us at OpTech or would like to learn more about Updater, please fill out the form on this page. Until next year, friends! See you in Dallas for OpTech ’16!