Property Managers: Resident Move-In Checklist Template

Let’s talk resident move-in. No, not your list of operational to-do’s like sharing a move-in condition report with your residents. Let’s talk about all your “special touch” to-do’s that are (surprise, surprise) just as important.

While your company probably has a playbook for welcoming new residents on move-in day, it’s no secret that resident move-in day sets the tone for the rest of your residents’ experience at your community. A smooth resident move-in is a tried-and-true way to build your residents’ trust and strengthen your business (hint, hint: higher retention), so capitalize on it!

Deck out the front door.

Nothing says “welcome home” quite like a gorgeous bow on the front door of your resident’s new place. Your residents will love walking up to their front door on move-in day.

Book their elevator and parking in advance.

Blocked elevators and parking on move-in day will delay move-in for your residents and their movers. Make it easier on everyone, and allow your residents to book the elevator and parking out front before move-in day.

Key off a personalized email from your service techs.

Send out a “checking in” email from your maintenance team a week after move-in day to make sure everything’s in order. Think: “Joe here! I’m the Head of Maintenance at <<Your Community’s Name>>. I heard you moved in yesterday welcome home! Have you noticed anything that needs to be fixed in your new place? As a reminder, you can always call <<Your Maintenance Number>> or log onto your resident portal <<Your Resident Portal Link>> to submit a maintenance request anytime.

Make dinner easy.

The stats are true – 98% of people order pizza on move-in day!  Leave a coupon or a menu to the local pizzeria on their kitchen counter so moving day dinner is nice and easy.

Offer a move-in kit.

Put together a few move-in kits that your residents can borrow on move-in day for things like hammers, screwdrivers, and brooms. Just think – it’s one less thing for your residents to fish out of their moving boxes.

Recommend a moving day playlist.

Share this playlist with your residents or create your own – there’s nothing quite like unwinding to the tunes of “I Like to Move It” or “Take Me Home” while unpacking.

Set out a few treats for pooch.

Leave out a small goody bag filled with treats for your residents’ pets (hey, moving’s tough on pets, too!). Your pet owner residents will love this!

Make their keys memorable.

For many of your residents, holding the keys to their new apartment home is an exciting and special moment. Personalize the handoff by purchasing branded key rings or slipping their new keys in a gift box with a gorgeous bow.

Arrange a furniture pickup.

Encourage your residents to get rid of items that they don’t want after unpacking by referring them to Goodwill, the Salvation Army, or Habitat for Humanity. Go the extra mile, and offer to schedule the entire appointment for them.

Leave a disposable camera on the counter.

As cheesy as it sounds, residents will love looking back on their move-in experience and taking before and after photos. Leave a short note with the camera such as, “Thought you could add a few photos to your moving day album!”

Share a kid-friendly map of your community.

Moving’s tough on any kid. Print out a map of your community and mark any areas of interest to introduce them to in their new community – the location of the bus stop, swimming pool, the onsite playground, and the security booth. 

Slip an event flyer under the door.

Welcome new residents to your community by slipping an event flyer to your next community-sponsored event under their door – we hear that residents love community brunch these days!

If you’re just getting started, implement a few of these tips and see how your residents respond. Fair warning – expect happier residents and higher retention rates within a few months!