Real Estate Brokers Want Better Tools for Clients

Most real estate websites have tons of sexy tools, bells and whistles for shoppers – but what about bells and whistles for your buyers and sellers, the folks that actually drive revenue? Joe Rand, one of the Managing Partners of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate – Rand Realty, discusses this exact issue in a recent article published on Inman News.

In his opinion piece, he mentions how partnerships with companies like Updater and Amitree serve the needs of his buyers and sellers. Joe says that services like Updater are “addressing our need as a brokerage to provide our clients with post-contract services.” 

We couldn’t agree more and thank Joe for paving the way for brokers nationwide to stand up and say that buyers and sellers deserve more. 

Read the full article here: Opinion: When the Web is for shoppers, where do you find buyers and sellers?