37 Real Estate Closing Gifts for Millennials

Real estate closing gifts have become standard in the industry. With that said, the most important aspect of a real estate closing gift isn’t necessarily the gift itself, but the message behind it. That message should be to welcome a client to their new home and not simply serve as a thank you. Millennials, as you know, are also not your run-of-the-mill clients. They’re busy, tech-savvy, and know what they want. The type of gift you choose and when you give that gift has a major effect on how your service will be remembered, so it’s important to get it right — especially for this shrewd demographic.

Real estate agents want to provide a service that results in referrals. Ultimately, it’s the easiest way to generate new business. Since giving a closing gift is one of the last interactions you’ll have with your client, it’s especially important. A framed photo of you with the message, ‘tell your friends’ is not going to fly — so we have some suggestions. 

To help jumpstart your creativity, we’ve chosen some of our favorite real estate closing gifts for millennials. Scroll on to see our top 37!

Help create a smart home

The mentality toward technology has shifted from a luxury to a comfort. Electronic gifts can help a new homeowner feel comfortable and supported as they settle into their new home. Take your real estate closing gifts to the next level and show just how in-the-know you are.

1. Echo Dot or Google Home Mini

These virtual home assistants are voice-activated and help with everything from ordering online to controlling the kitchen lights. An ideal new home helper. 

2. Nest thermostat

The thermostat you can set from your phone. This real estate closing gift isn’t only a convenience but a money saver.

3. Roku/Chromecast/Fire TV Stick

Give the gift of streaming shows and movies instantly. Perfect for that first post-move night on the couch.

4. Mesh Wi-Fi router

An upgrade to traditional routers, these devices get Wi-Fi into all corners of the house. They’re great for a client transitioning from an apartment. 

5. LED lighting strips

Simple to cut and affix below kitchen cabinets, around bathroom mirrors, or out on the deck. Simple and energy saving.

Party like it’s 1999

It’s always a bonus when someone asks a homeowner, ‘where’d you get that?’ And when your closing gift makes it onto a person’s holiday wishlist, you know you’ve hit the nail on the head! 

6. Firepit

It’s a creative and fun closing gift to help a client make the most of a backyard.

7. Portable speakers

Especially for summer move-ins, a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi enabled speaker that’s good for indoor and outdoor use will be much appreciated.

8. Bocce balls or other yard games

Best played on a freshly cut lawn, Bocce has bounced back into popularity. Great closing gift for a family with kids.

9. Polaroid camera

Polaroids are back with a vengeance. You can even take the first shot of the new homeowners on move-in day. Did you say memorable real estate closing gift? We thought so!

10. Homebrew starter kit

Extremely engaging and actually quite simple, this is a hands-on closing gift for the do-it-yourself type client.

11. Grill set

If your client is an avid griller, this is a must. A practical closing gift for agents to give that will see real use. 

To help graduate from Seamless

Cooking makes a home feel like — well, home. These real estate closing gifts run the gamut from functional to practical to fun. Instead of buying a pizza, help your new homeowner get started on making their own!

12. Pizza stone

Perfect for the oven or the grill, a pizza stone is a step ahead of ordering takeout as a gift. It’s also a great way to help put their new kitchen to good use.

13. Soda stream

A staple of so many modern homes, a soda stream lets you make soda without all of the extra sugar. 

14. Glass Tupperware set

A great closing gift for expecting families, glass Tupperware skips the BPA and are microwave safe.

15. Sous Vide

Pronounced sue-veed, this amazing tool allows you to cook meat or vegetables in a water bath to the perfect doneness. The device has become popular with new cooks and is a swanky addition to the modern kitchen.

16. Spiralizer

Veggie noodles anyone? Zucchini, carrot, or even cucumbers! Veggie noodles, Zoodles, whatever you call them are a healthy twist on a classic dish.

17. Instant-pot

A true multi-tasker, this device combines the slow cooker, electric pressure cooker, rice cooker, steamer, yogurt maker, sauté/browning pan, and warming pot. It’s the hippest kitchen appliance on the market. 

18. Subscription to Blue Apron

The first few meals in a new home can be overwhelming. This service delivers all of the ingredients for a delicious meal right to your client’s door. Blue Apron is a real estate closing gift that relieves the pressure of cooking in a new kitchen.

19. Spice rack, complete with spices

A nice complement to a countertop and fully functional. While the spices may come and go, a spice rack can last the life of the home.

To entertain like a boss

Start your client’s housewarming party off right with some of these party/decorating closing gifts. Whether you’re at the party or not, you can still be the talk of it. You may want to run the idea of alcohol as a gift by your client before you spring for it, but once that’s confirmed, it’s a great way to impress.

20. Cocoa Runners

A real estate closing gift for the sweet-toothed client. Order them a subscription box that sends them monthly bars of chocolate. Yes, you heard that right!

21. Decanter

Giving a bottle of wine as a real estate closing gift seems kind of boring to us. But a bottle with a decanter, now that is stepping it up a notch!

22. Drink cart

What is old is new again. Perfect for the hipster millennial who loves their five o’clock cocktail.

23. Whiskey stones

Whiskey cubes are an easy gift set for a classy celebration. Put them in the freezer and make a toast.

To help make adulting easier

A new home can be exhausting. Once the adrenaline wears off, reality can come creeping back in. These real estate closing gifts take a little of that pressure off a new homeowner and help them enjoy the little things that make their new home feel special.

24. Bouquet of the month club

Because nothing says new home like freshly cut flowers.

25. Appointment with an interior designer

This gift won’t be perfect for everyone, but at this point, you’ve spent a ton of time with your client and probably have a good sense of the projects they want to tackle first. Have a client that can’t stop talking about crown molding and backsplashes? Bingo! This will be the perfect closing gift for them.

26. Roomba

Your clients just purchased a home and are probably exhausted. They deserve to put their feet up. Plus, who wouldn’t want robot vacuum?

27. French press or a trendy pour over coffee maker

Have a coffee-obsessed client? A generic Keurig machine won’t cut it. Help feed their addiction with a trendy caffeine machine.

To appreciate their furry friend

If your client is moving with a pet, they will appreciate anything that helps them adjust to the new space. Plus, a gift that’s not directly for the homeowner can be the most sentimental. Make note of the animal lovers and help them pamper their pet.

28. Barkbox

Not familiar with Barkbox? If your clients have a canine child they definitely will be! Trust us, it’s the perfect real estate closing gift for any “parent.”

29. GPS tracker for dog

If it’s a new neighborhood for your clients, that means it is for their furry friend, too. In case Fido takes a wrong turn, make sure he makes it back home safe.

30. Pet carrier

Best given before your clients move into their new home. A lush pet carrier for the right client will warm their heart.

31. A pet bed

Because Fluffy deserve to enjoy their new digs just as much as his owners.

To help them rest easy

Sometimes the most overlooked or altruistic things are the most appreciated. Show your clients you’re thinking ahead and have their best interest at heart. These closing gifts promote professionalism and will end a job well done on a high note.

32. Title lock subscription

Help your client protect themselves from title fraud. It’s not a pleasant topic. But it’s peace of mind that they’ll appreciate.

33. Donations to local charities

Donating to a local charity on behalf of a client is not only a feel-good real estate closing gift for them, but will also allow them to become familiar with charities and organizations in their new neighborhood.

34. Fire resistant safe

We all hope they won’t need it, but just in case.

35. Green cleaning products

Moving into a home is the perfect time to go green while keeping the place looking new. 

36. LED flashlight

LED bulbs last significantly longer and use less energy than traditional bulbs, so you’ll be changing the batteries in your flashlight less. And during a power outage who want to be digging through kitchen drawers for spare batteries? Not us.

37. Cordless drill

For those clients who are tackling that renovation on their own, cordless power tools are the perfect real estate closing gifts.

BONUS #38 Updater

Any real estate agent who offers Updater to their clients knows what a great closing gift it can be. Updater has all of the tools to get them on track for a stress-free transition to their new home. With a customized timeline outlining the steps of each specific move, Updater is the perfect closing gift to help any client stay organized.

A gift to remember

You want your real estate closing gift to be personal, but you also don’t want deciding on a gift to be a process that takes away focus from your business. A few solid ideas, bookmarking pages on Amazon, and creating calendar notifications that can remind you of when to pick up or deliver a gift are great options for staying organized.  

So when the keys are handed off and the papers are signed, your agreement with the client is resolved, but not complete. You both did it! They’re in a new home and you’re off to help the next homebuyer, but a lasting relationship between buyer and agent can still be cemented.

As a real estate agent, when you give a strong closing gift, you begin your post-close relationship. They have your phone number and may have even added you on social media, but what you want them to remember is your hard work going forward. A closing gift is more of a symbol than a statement of that hard work.