Simplify your move: Experience the power of the Updater app

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Moving to a new home can be overwhelming, but with the Updater app, the process becomes a breeze. Our native mobile app, available for iOS and Android, empowers movers to plan, organize, compare, and purchase everything they need for an easy, hassle-free move.

Based on extensive user research and valuable mover feedback over the last year, we’ve made significant enhancements to the app’s navigation, ensuring a smoother moving experience.

The app has three easy-to-navigate tabs that categorize all moving tasks and features:

Today Tab: Your highest priority tasks are highlighted here. This algorithmically-driven home screen ensures that urgent tasks like paying move-in fees, utility setup or insurance policy purchase, based on your apartment community’s requirements, are promptly addressed.

Essentials Tab: Discover all the essential services needed to set up your new home. From internet and insurance to utilities, find everything conveniently located in one place.

Moving Tab: Seamlessly manage the physical aspect of your move. Compare pricing, schedule movers, and purchase moving supplies like boxes and bubble wrap – all within a few taps*.

We’ve also implemented persistent sign-in, eliminating any login friction and the need to remember credentials.

For iOS and Android users, smart push notifications are available, specifically tied to move-in requirements set by your apartment community. These notifications ensure that crucial tasks, such as registering your vehicle or pet, are completed on time.

To access the Updater app, movers can request an invitation from their real estate agent or apartment community. Once received, they can access their Updater account from any device, native or web browser.

Here’s what recent movers are saying about Updater:

Download the Updater app on iOS or Android and experience the convenience firsthand.

To learn more about how Updater can enhance your business, visit our website and schedule a demo today.

*Available in most major US regions. Contact [email protected] to confirm availability.