Simplifying the moving process: Edina Realty’s partnership with Updater

When it comes to buying or selling a home, the experience is often both exciting and daunting. Edina Realty, a real estate powerhouse with decades of experience in the industry, has taken significant strides to make this transition smoother and more manageable for its clients. Edina Realty is not just any real estate brokerage – it’s the market leader in Minnesota and Wisconsin, setting the standard for excellence, and selling homes for an average of $28,971 more than the average of their competitors*.

A convenient digital moving app

Edina Realty offers Updater to streamline various aspects of the moving process. The Updater app includes practical checklists and resources to assist in planning your move. Here’s what Edina Realty clients can accomplish through the partnership:

  • Utility connections: Updater eliminates the usual hassle of contacting utility providers individually, making it convenient to set up essential services like electricity and water.
  • Mail forwarding: Address updates with the postal service are simplified, ensuring that your mail reaches you at your new location.
  • TV and internet setup: You can efficiently compare, shop, and purchase TV and internet services without the typical complexities of having to call each provider individually.
  • Insurance and other services: Protecting your new home and assets is made more accessible with quick access to insurance and other essential services.
  • Moving-related services: Whether you’re seeking professional movers or prefer a do-it-yourself approach, Updater helps you request multiple estimates, see real-time pricing, and find the right resources for your unique move preferences.
  • Exclusive offers and discounts: Access special offers and discounts to help you save on various aspects of your move.
  • Address Updates: Keep all your subscriptions and accounts current with a centralized address update process.

By choosing Edina Realty for your real estate needs, you’re not only benefiting from a recognized market leader with a track record of excellence, but you also gain access to an invaluable service. Edina’s unwavering focus on delivering a “wow” client experience makes the moving process less challenging and more manageable for buyers and sellers throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin.

* Based on information from the REGIONAL MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE OF MINNESOTA, INC. for 2021 from 13 county metro area on previously owned homes that were not in foreclosure, lender-owned or potential short sale. Figures are based on closed sales.