Ward North American’s Secret to Customer Service

In the last couple of years, moving companies nationwide have started to incorporate new technologies into their business operations, allowing them to offer a more seamless experience for their customers. We sat down with one of our clients, Jason Massiatte, General Manager at Ward North American, to learn how his team has improved the customer experience with technology and how the modern moving company can keep pace with new trends.

“In many ways, the moving industry is like a little dinosaur,” says Massiatte. “Until recently, there wasn’t much innovation in our industry, particularly on the tech side of things.” As the moving industry has evolved, however, Massiatte says that he and his team have felt the pressure to “catch up,” digitally-speaking. “Our quality and service have always been there, but we needed to catch up from a technology standpoint,” Massiatte explains. “If we didn’t offer tools to help our customers, we knew that they’d be less likely to book with us.”

So, how did the Ward North American team sift through the clutter and really determine which tools would help their moving company effectively improve the customer experience? To start, Massiatte argues that it’s important to keep an open mind and test out any value-added service that will directly impact the “end game” – delivering incredible customer service.

As part of their efforts to improve the customer experience, Ward North American has implemented technology initiatives at multiple levels of their business. For example, they now partner with third-party services that allow his sales team to calculate estimates in real-time over the phone, saving customers the time and frustration of having to call back for the estimate results. For in-home estimates, his sales team also brings iPads with them so that they can easily provide on-the-spot estimates.

On the marketing side, his team is in the process of completely revamping their website, which will make it easier for their customers to book their moves and navigate their site on mobile devices. Additionally, Ward North American has partnered with Updater to help customers streamline tedious moving-related tasks like updating their accounts and records, forwarding their mail, and more.

According to Massiatte, “Using Updater has been like night and day for us. We’re always looking for new services that can help improve our customer experience, and Updater’s a tool that truly demonstrates our commitment to an ‘above and beyond’ approach to customer service.”

While Massiatte will be the first to admit that digitizing his team’s operations involves a bit of legwork (and an open mind!), he says that the results of their efforts have been well worth it. By giving both his internal team and his customers the tools that they need to be successful, they’ve far surpassed their customer’s expectations and effectively delivered a more seamless customer experience.