Updater and AccountTECH Integrate and Partner

New York, NY – (July 27, 2017) Updater, the leading technology platform to streamline the moving process, today announces the launch of its partnership with AccountTECH, the fastest growing accounting solution and office management software for full-service real estate sales organizations.

“Our partnership with AccountTECH provides real estate brokerages the ability to extend their services beyond the real estate transaction itself to the stressful moving process,” says Jenna Weinerman, Marketing Director at Updater. “It’s a no-brainer for most brokerages.”

Updater saves buyers and sellers hours by streamlining the various processes associated with moving, including, but not limited to:

  • Updating Accounts: Updater can automatically update a client’s new address for any of over 15,000 businesses, including magazines, newspapers, alumni associations, charities, loyalty and frequent flyer accounts, and more.

  • Connecting Home Services & Utilities: Updater helps clients transfer utilities, set up digital services and schedule in-home installations.

  • Booking a Move: Clients can connect with Updater Cerified Moving Companies – reliable, pre-vetted, professional moving companies, as well as do-it-yourself moving options.

  • Planning Do-It-Yourself Moves: Clients can explore, schedule and book products and services needed to move yourself – trucks, labor, storage, packing supplies, and more.

  • Forwarding Mail: Updater files clients’ official U.S. Postal Service mail-forwarding forms online.

  • Sending Digital Moving Announcements: Clients can create digital moving e-cards to notify friends and family of their new address.

  • Claiming Move-in Offers: Updater provides special offers and exclusive deals on moving services and expenses, such as discounts on professional cleaning, moving companies, cardboard boxes, and more.

  • And much more.

“AccountTECH integrates accounting, commission calculations, MLS data, transaction management & franchise reporting. We create efficiencies by gathering critical information from a variety of sources into a single-point-of-entry system” says Mark Blagden, founder at AccountTECH.  “This partnership and integration with Updater allows us to continue to expand our automation for full-service real estate organizations by making it easier for them to streamline the moving process for their clients.”

About AccountTECH

For over 25 years, AccountTECH’s mission has been to help Broker/Owners become more profitable. Founded in 1990 as a profitability & efficiency consultancy for brokerages, AccountTECH evolved into a full-service, outsourced accounting service for Broker/Owners.

Today, AccountTECH is a software company that is still dedicated to our founding mission of helping Real Estate offices with efficiency & profitability. We learned through our decades of experience that different owners, regions, and agent populations require vastly different solutions to the same business problems.  Because we are an organization that listens, we have built (and continue to enhance) software that is almost limitlessly flexible.  

The “up-close and personal” relationship we have with our clients has also taught us that all thriving Real Estate firms evolve and develop over time. As a software company, this means we need to build solutions for agencies at all stages of their evolution. A client who uses Quickbooks, and relies on AccountTECH only for commission calculation automation and MLS integration today may need our fully integrated accounting, direct deposit & email campaign automation next year.  Our multi-faceted solution already contains the features our clients need for their future growth. That’s why we say AccountTECH is the software for the company you are today, and the company you will become tomorrow. For more information, please visit http://accounttech.com/.