Updater for Real Estate Agents

Dear Real Estate Agent,

When was the last time you moved? Do you remember going through all the feelings? The ups of an offer being accepted, the downs of the not-knowing/waiting process, the highs of holding those keys for the first time in your hand and the lows of having to pack all those boxes just to unpack them a few days later. 

If you’ve done your job properly, moving should be exciting for your clients. But even with the excitement ahead, clients stress over the actual process of the move from one physical home to another. And, they stress for good reason – moving is hard. It’s disjointed. It’s archaic. 

Insert Updater. Consider us your fairy godmother, here to help you offer a seamless moving experience to your clients once and for all. And, we promise, you won’t have to lift a finger.

With Updater, you can provide your clients with a free service that will help them:

  • connect utilities and digital services

  • notify accounts and records of their new address

  • forward mail

  • find a moving company

  • send moving announcements

  • and much more.

Best yet, the entire experience from start-to-finish is branded for you and customized for each and every client. Clients love it.

Want proof? These are tweets from real clients of agents who work with Updater.

Updater is a great way to save your clients a ton of headaches and hassles, save the day when the stress starts to sink in, and stay top-of-mind throughout the entire closing experience.

To learn more, join a weekly demo with a member of our team or email us. If you’re ready to start saving your clients from being the subject of the next moving horror story, sign up here for unlimited access for only $149/year.