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1 in 4 Americans use Updater to move

Updater for Single Family Property Management Companies

Hey single family property managers, we’ll let you in on a little secret…

Residents are hungry for your help – with moving, that is! In the time between lease approval and resident move-in, residents drown in a million moving-related tasks, from booking a moving company to signing up for renters insurance. Around the office, it’s what we refer to as the “darker side” of moving.

Single family property managers that offer Updater to their residents help them save time (and let’s be honest – their sanity) on forwarding their mail, connecting utilities and home services, updating their accounts and records, and much more.

Best yet, the entire site is branded for your company and is personalized for each of your residents. Think of it as a unique housewarming gift to hand off to your residents before they even arrive on day one.

Jenna Weinerman
Jenna Weinerman

Jenna is Updater’s Head of Marketing and a published ReloTech expert. She’s an endless seeker of knowledge, a lover of craft brews, and a huge Philadelphia sports fan. Follow her on Twitter here.

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