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Updater Gives Nor-Cal Moving Services an Advantage

Nor-Cal Moving Services, established in 1982, originated as a moving service for offices and businesses around the San Francisco Bay Area. Since then, they have grown into one of the largest full-service relocation companies in the Western United States, delivering 35 years of exceptional service that saves customers time and money.

We spoke to Peter Mazzetti, Jr., President of Nor-Cal Moving Services about how Updater elevates their customer experience and differentiates their services from the competition.

Since offering Updater for the first time, how have your customers responded?

Our customers love Updater because it helps them stay organized during their move. For them, it is a one-stop place to update their address & accounts, transfer utilities, and take care of other moving tasks. It also saves them a lot of time. Once they’ve signed up, their tasks are done in just a few clicks.

We all know how difficult moving can be. There a lot of things going on during a move, so Updater is a very helpful — and necessary — tool that helps moving become seamless for our customers.

How has offering Updater affected your customer happiness and loyalty? 

Offering Updater to our customers has elevated our customer experience. We strive to deliver value for our customers during all phases of a move — namely, pre-move, during the move, and post-move. Updater helps us deliver excellent customer service throughout those phases.

We’ve received countless comments from customers about how happy and satisfied they are with Updater. They appreciate this add-on service that we provide for free, and some have even mentioned that they would recommend us to their coworkers, friends, and family.

What’s one way Updater has helped your company and made the lives of your team members easier?

Offering Updater to our customers is a great positioning strategy within the market. Updater contributes to the value we bring to our customers and helps our sales team close more sales by providing a point of differentiation and giving them an edge over competitors (which helps turn leads into sales). In a saturated industry where every moving company generally seems the same, having Updater as a unique offering helps our sales team stand out.

If an individual is looking to move, finding the best moving company can be daunting because most full-service moving companies appear to be alike. But a differentiating tool like Updater creates a great first impression with our customers. The success of our sales team is also a reflection of the support Updater gives us. The Updater team provides training, sales sheets, and videos so our sales team can effectively communicate the benefits of using Updater.

How has working with Updater been successful for Nor-Cal Moving Services?

At Nor-Cal Moving Services, we are committed to taking care of our customers throughout the moving process. We aim to make it simple and worry-free for them, so they can go on with their lives once they’ve moved. Updater helps us stay true to that promise.

Updater also helps us integrate technology within a very traditional industry. It’s transformational for us. We are able to assist our customers using innovative technology and offer a solution for our busy and overwhelmed customers — simply by turning tedious moving-related tasks into a singular, simple one.

How would you describe your overall experience working with Updater and your Success Manager?

Updater is a great partner. From every touch point, I can sense that their goal is to help us be successful and support us in every way possible. I also love how Updater is so proactive in thinking of ways to improve the program. Our Success Manager, Lauren, is excellent. She is responsive and helpful in answering my questions and providing the materials I need to get things going with our Updater offering.

Jenna Weinerman
Jenna Weinerman

Jenna is Updater’s Head of Marketing and a published ReloTech expert. She’s an endless seeker of knowledge, a lover of craft brews, and a huge Philadelphia sports fan. Follow her on Twitter here.

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