Updater ‘How-To’ with Realty Guy, Brent Johnson

Real estate agents nationwide are seeing an increase in client satisfaction and boost in referrals due to happiness with Updater. This week, we spoke to Updater client Realty Guy – Brent Johnson of Keller Williams Integrity Edina in Minneapolis/St. Paul. Here are a few tips and tricks from Brent on his success with Updater:

Brent, how often do you use Updater?

We use Updater with every client, including both buyers and sellers.  Since we’ve had Updater (for less than 6 months), we’ve worked with 35 clients.

How do you make sure that your clients know about/use Updater? Is there anything specific you do? Do you have any tips or tricks?

We use it as a tool in our initial buyer and seller presentations, letting them know that we have a system set up to help take the stress out of moving.  We have also added Updater into our client survey, and it’s something that almost everyone comments on – in a positive way!

Since offering Updater for the first time, how have your clients responded?

Every one of our clients has really liked it. Even in the case of our “short” closing timeframes, where our clients have already started address changes and such, they have really appreciated the gesture, even if it wasn’t well-used due to the time frame.

How has offering Updater affected your customer happiness/success/loyalty? 

Updater is one more service we can offer our clients to show our “above and beyond” approach to customer service. It makes us look like we are putting hours of time into something that only takes us a few minutes.

What would you say to a fellow agent who may be interested in offering Updater to their clients?

This is a great service for an extremely low cost. It will save you time, raise your level of professionalism in the eyes of your client, and it’s something that they will talk about with their friends.

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