Updater named a ‘WOW tool that’s easy to implement’


Our good friends at REALTrends recently shared a list of their top “WOW Tools That Are Easy to Implement.” These are tools that improve the agent and consumer experiences, that won’t cause headaches and make an immediate impact. Score!

Sending a big virtual hug to REALTrends for featuring us alongside such impressive technologies, including:

Yapmo is a one roof for all of the tools you’ve built and purchased for your agents. Imagine being able to access all your tools in one click, from one place. As REALTrends so perfectly put it, “think of it as the Grand Central Station for all of your technologies.” Genius! And, who wouldn’t want to work with this team? 

ReadyChat is a live chat technology that agents don’t have to man – it’s managed for them 17 hours a day, 7 days a week. They focus on what they’re best at so your agents can focus on selling real estate.

Trello is a project management and collaboration tool that keeps our Founder organized and plowing through his tasks. If David can use Trello’s functions easily, regularly, and on-the-go, your agents can too! 

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