At RealWorld 2017 Property Management Conference

It’s summertime, so – of course – things keep heating up at Updater! In just a few days, we’ll be sending our awesome Sales and Success teams to the RealWorld 2017 Conference hosted by RealPage in Las Vegas.

As one of Updater’s long-term integration partners, RealPage serves as a global provider of software and data analytics to thousands of companies in the real estate industry. Each year, RealPage hosts RealWorld in an effort to propel member success across the property management business by fostering a space for discussion, innovation, and strategy brainstorming.

In addition to hosting demos of our property management technology in the Hall of Solutions, this year our very own Ash Bell, VP and Executive Director, will be hosting a Rental Housing Huddle Session titled: “Three Value Driving Technologies Changing the Multifamily Landscape” at 11:30am on Monday, July 17th.

In this session, Ash will discuss how to most effectively identify, evaluate, and adopt new technologies and how they impact the three key stakeholders in multifamily – the resident, the site team, and the owner.

Hope to see you there! If you’re planning on attending, feel free to schedule a meeting with our team.

Simona Galant
Simona Galant

I am a former Content Marketing Intern at Updater, which means I helped with digital content and strategy development. When I’m not writing something, you can usually find me eating salt & vinegar chips, advocating for the socks-and-sandals combo, or squeezing a small dog.

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