Utilities: How to Leverage Beyond the Meter Programs to Boost Revenue and CSAT

Utility providers of all shapes and sizes, we need to tell you something: “beyond the meter” programs can make you money and increase customer satisfaction.

Seriously. Millions of dollars and exceptional Net Promoter Scores are on the line.

Together with DEFG, American Water Resources, and Energy Central, we hosted a webinar focused on how you can leverage beyond the meter programming.

Utilities generally score well on the customer satisfaction front when compared to other service providers. However, standardized scores don’t surface missed opportunities to make improvements, fix what’s broken, or launch new initiatives. Customers expect more from your brand – they expect the same they do from Netflix, Zappos, Uber, and more. Even though those companies aren’t utilities? That’s right. A brand is a brand, and you’re expected to deliver just like they are.

TL;DR The need to transform your customer strategy is accelerating – watch this webinar for a transformative framework to boost revenue, reduce the cost to serve, and improve CSAT at the same time.

If you missed our webinar highlighting solutions to help you solve real customer problems – or you’d like to relive it – here’s the full recording:

If you’d prefer to flip through the slides instead of watching the video, please click here.

Bonus: we took a few minutes in this webinar to share relevant highlights from our mover behavior research. If you’re curious about what stresses movers out, when they make purchase decisions, and what they expect from their utility, check out our recent post on Energy Central: What Utilities Can Learn From Mover Behavior.