Valentine’s Day Tips for Property Managers

Multifamily friends, do you “heart” your residents?

We thought so! With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, take the opportunity to tell your residents why you love them. Below, scroll through a few simple (but effective!) ways to ramp up your resident appreciation efforts, just in time to tell your residents, “I love that you’re with us!”

Roses, anyone?

On Valentine’s Day, ask your on-site staff to hand out red roses from the front desk or lobby, or go the extra mile and deliver a rose outside of each residents’ door. As expensive as it may sound, you can bulk order roses relatively cheaply from larger stores like Costco.

Be the matchmaker

Who said that Valentine’s Day has to be about romance? Instead, send the message that it can also be about building relationships with other residents at your property. To do so, encourage residents to enter to win a dinner or coffee date with another resident “on the house.” Then, conduct a blind drawing to match residents, and leave the rest to fate!

Spread the love

Set up a Valentine’s Day card writing table in your lobby filled with colored construction paper, doily paper, red markers, and/or themed stickers. Invite the kids at your property to write a letter to their parents or siblings, or even someone on your on-site staff. Go the extra mile, and invite the kids to create their own Valentine’s Day goodie bag.

Truffles, on the house

A few weeks before Valentine’s Day, fill a large jar with colored candy hearts, and ask residents to guess how many pieces are in the jar. Then, you guessed it – the resident whose guess is the closest wins the entire jar (plus a free box of truffles!).

… but don’t forget pooch!

Pets count too! If your property allows pets, be sure to stock up on treats behind the front desk for your residents’ favorite four-legged friends.

Baked goods to heal the soul

… And for all those residents who won’t be professing love for anything other than double-stuffed Oreos this Valentine’s Day, set up a free snack bar in your lobby. Red velvet cupcakes, truffles, and yes, Oreos, tend to be true crowd-pleasers.

And most of all, remember to “spread the love” throughout the entire year!