Why You Should Sweat the Small Stuff with Coldwell

As a seasoned real estate professional, you’re well familiar with the traits of a successful agent — responsiveness, honesty, and having an intimate knowledge of the surrounding neighborhood all rank high on your list of agent must-have’s. But, what’s so often overlooked is how delivering an excellent client experience goes far beyond simply responding to your clients’ questions at lightning fast speed. In this business, that’s already an expectation.

We sat down with our client, Russell Hulteen of Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage – New England, to learn his secret sauce for delivering an excellent client experience. He says the key is to remain acutely aware of your clients’ smallest needs and guide them through the transaction accordingly.

Russell explains, “As agents who are constantly navigating clients through complicated sales transactions and putting people into new homes, we become familiar with certain challenges that arise more often than others.” For example, a client might have absolutely no idea where to begin when rehabbing their newly purchased home or preparing their old condo for sale. That’s why Russell runs a real estate blog where he writes articles geared toward guiding people through the trials of home ownership. “The process of buying a home in today’s competitive market can be an intense and consuming task. Buyers that finally make it out on the other side with a successful purchase often find themselves abruptly faced with a whole new world of challenges they’d barely had time to consider. Softening that landing for our clients is an important part of what we should offer.”

Agents must also be willing to adapt to their clients’ preferred mode of communication. “I have an office phone number, but my cell is the quickest way to reach me if my clients need to talk, so that’s what I give them,” he explains. “Of course, not everyone prefers phone communication, so whether by email, texting, tweeting or Facebook and beyond, I make sure that I’m reachable. It might seem obvious, but I’ve met a lot of agents who use voice and email only.”

Russell goes on to explain how offering Updater to his clients fits in with his overall client experience roadmap and his perspective that delivering a superior experience is all in the small details. “Updater makes my clients’ lives easier and lessens their workloads during a stressful time. It provides a level of service that previously was unavailable to consumers, and again ties in with this idea that great agents should be a one-stop-shop for their clients, regardless of the stage of the transaction.”