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Property Management Case Study: Pillar Properties

Named #1 in the U.S. for resident satisfaction*, Seattle-based Pillar Properties employs a unique, "quietly awesome" approach at every level of engagement. Pillar develops, owns, and manages apartment residences that express the unique personality and vitality of Seattle’s signature neighborhoods. They were recently ranked #546 on the 2016 Inc. 5000 list of America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies — up from #874 in 2015.

Because Pillar cares about resident satisfaction and providing the best possible experience, they rolled out Updater's next-level suite of moving tools to residents across their 7 properties. Here are the results:

Overall Engagement Rate: 80%
Residents Rated Updater**: 10

out of 10!

Hours Saved by Residents: 3,665

...and counting!

*Results according to SatisFact’s 2015 Annual Resident Satisfaction Survey
**Results according to Pillar Properties’ residents surveyed about their Updater experience
Pillar’s main goal is to create a Quietly Awesome experience at all levels and across every interaction. When we discovered Updater, we felt the offerings aligned well with our philosophy. That combined with the end-user presentation, ease of setup, and price point make it a perfect match.
2016 INC. 5000
Seattle, WA







Top Real Estate Company


Top Seattle Company


Top Washington Company

*Stats pulled from the 2016 Inc. 5000

Before Updater

  • Onboarding new residents wasn’t especially smooth, with a manual move-in process and the inability to seamlessly answer residents’ questions.
  • There was no way to easily educate residents about preferred vendor partners and help residents make all of the complex decisions related to the move-in process (e.g., schools in the area, internet providers, etc.). Pillar had to keep brochures in their leasing offices — a waste of paper and an inefficient method of connecting with residents.

How Did Updater Help?

  • With Updater, Pillar can now easily showcase preferred vendor partners in one convenient dashboard — without having to keep brochures lying around the leasing offices.
  • Proud to be a paperless company, Pillar can maintain their green status by incorporating Updater’s online experience. Updater has helped speed up the move-in process electronically, saving time and paper.
  • Updater's Success team ensured a seamless, simple, and pleasant onboarding and training process for the Pillar team. The entire Pillar portfolio of properties was up and running in under a month.
  • Staff can depend on Updater to help answer the questions new residents may have. “Welcome Home” emails that describe Updater’s service and detail what to expect go directly to a resident as soon as they become an approved applicant.
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