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How does AT&T compare to Google Fiber internet?

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As the many ways we use the internet within our homes continue to grow, the speeds we need to keep our households running do too. And even if you live in a home with casual internet usage, you likely still want an internet plan with enough oomph to keep your devices going with minimal slowdowns or hiccups.

A provider is even better if you can find all the bandwidth you need for a great price and minimal surprises on your monthly bill. If fast speeds, reasonable prices, and bill transparency are must-haves for your home, then AT&T and Google Fiber internet may be exactly what you’re looking for.

Curious about how Google Fiber and AT&T internet compare? We’ve pulled together all the details you’ll need, including a rundown of services, a comparison of packages, and opinions from industry experts to help you decide which plan works best for you.

Who AT&T and Google Fiber internet are for


AT&T internet offers five fiber plans that range in speed from 300Mbps (for casual internet users) all the way up to 5000Mbps for homes that want the fastest speed available. While AT&T internet has a presence in 21 states, its fastest fiber speeds are currently only available to about 5 million homes.

All AT&T plans come with market-competitive pricing (ranging from $55 to $180/month), unlimited data, and virtually no additional fees, making practically any plan you choose a winner.

Google Fiber

Google Fiber internet only has one question for you: How much speed do you need — Lightning fast, or 2x faster than that? And though Google Fiber is currently only available to about 1% of the US, people living in the select metro areas where Google Fiber is available are in luck.

Google Fiber 1 Gig and 2 Gig plans are well priced at $70 and $100/month, respectively. And because their plans are not considered “introductory offers,” this means you avoid the sometimes-steep price increases you may see after the first 12 months with other internet service providers (ISPs). Plus, Google Fiber plans come with unlimited data, no contract requirements, and no equipment fees.

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Key considerations

What else do you need to know to choose between AT&T and Google Fiber internet?

Installation fees

AT&T charges a $99.99 self-installation fee, and if you require professional installation that will set you back $149. Google Fiber does not charge an installation fee, but you may be charged a $10 deposit at the time of sign up, which you can later apply toward your monthly bill.

Equipment fees

Neither AT&T nor Google Fiber charge a monthly equipment fee.

Data overage fees

Both AT&T and Google Fiber offer unlimited data on all of their plans, so you’ll never have to worry about overage fees.

Early termination fees

AT&T and Google Fiber do not require a contract. Therefore there are no early termination fees.

Non-return equipment fees

AT&T charges a non-return fee of $150 per device for any equipment you do not return at the end of your service. Google Fiber fees for damaged or non-returned equipment vary according to what equipment you received with your service, but generally range between $100 and $300 per item.

Prices after 12 months

AT&T prices on all plans will increase after the first 12 months of service. Google Fiber pricing is not considered to be introductory which means prices won’t automatically increase after a specified amount of time. However, Google Fiber prices may still increase over time.


AT&T offers internet service in all or part of 21 states: Alabama, Arkansas, California, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas, Tennessee, and Wisconsin.

Google Fiber is available in limited metro areas, including Kansas City, Huntsville, parts of Orange County, California, Atlanta, Charlotte and the Raleigh/Durham area of North Carolina, Nashville, Austin and San Antonio, Salt Lake City and Provo, and West Des Moines in Iowa is coming soon.

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What others say about AT&T and Google Fiber internet


Though some ISPs often score low for customer satisfaction, CNET pointed out that AT&T scored well among consumers in a recent American Consumer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) survey. In 2021, AT&T tied with Verizon Fios for the top spot and enjoyed a 4% increase in its satisfaction score from 2020.

U.S. World News & Report also gave AT&T some excellent reviews, ranking them #2 in Best Internet Service Providers of 2022, #2 in Best Fiber Internet Providers of 2022, #3 in Fastest Internet Service Providers of 2022, and #5 in Most Affordable Internet Service Providers of 2022. The publication did note, however, that AT&T’s fiber plans have limited availability.

Google Fiber

Google Fiber is in many ways still the new kid on the block compared to other, more established ISPs. In a recent review of Google Fiber, CNET points out that although Google Fiber internet might not be the least expensive fiber internet available, it does offer good value for the money. The reason: When you factor in unlimited data, no contract requirements, and free equipment rental, you gain more perks from Google Fiber than you might realize at first.

CNET also points out that although Google Fiber has a much smaller footprint than its rivals, it is an option in some “reasonably large metro areas.” Overall, Google Fiber is a great choice where it is available for people looking for super-fast, no-frills internet service.

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How do AT&T and Google Fiber internet packages compare?

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*Pricing varies by location and availability. Speeds may vary. All prices subject to change; for current pricing and availability visit our internet service page. Prices as of 3/11/22.

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