AT&T Internet Review

Times have changed since the days when high-speed internet was a luxury. Speedy internet services are now not only very affordable, but almost a given. From online shopping to streaming to even working from home, everyday activities make access to high-speed internet a must.

One of the biggest names in home internet is AT&T. But is it the right provider to meet your needs? A quick review of what it offers and what others think may help you answer that question.

Who is AT&T internet for?

AT&T’s home internet plans are a good option for many individuals, families, and businesses, and they offer two types of services. AT&T fiber internet plans are available in some areas, and they also have DSL internet plans. Without getting too deep into the differences, know that fiber provides much better speeds at a more cost-effective price. 

The fiber plans are a great option for most consumers — with the highest speed plan offering 940Mbps download speeds. The DSL plans are a little on the slower side, with the fastest topping out at just 100Mbps.

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Key considerations

The biggest consideration is whether AT&T fiber is offered in your area. The most recent data from the FCC shows that only approximately one-third of AT&T’s service area has the option for fiber, while the remainder can only access the DSL service. So if you’re in a rural area, your odds of getting AT&T fiber internet are currently very low.

If you’re in an area where fiber is available, the most affordable fiber plan starts at just $35/month the first year for 300Mbps internet speeds, while the most costly plan offers 940Mbps speeds for $60/month the first year. If you compare this to AT&T’s DSL internet service plans, the fastest 100Mbps plan comes in at $45/month the first year. So you’re essentially paying more for 100Mbps of DSL than you would for 300Mbps of fiber internet.

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What others say about AT&T internet

“If AT&T’s fiber service is an option for your address, it’s tough to find a better combination of service and affordability.” – CNET Review

“Its fiber service only reaches select areas in and around certain cities in those markets, leaving other places served by its slower hybrid service. (Some rural areas only get AT&T’s DSL, which the company no longer offers to new subscribers.)” – US News Review

“With affordable broadband speeds, a growing fiber network, and high levels of customer satisfaction across the board, AT&T has something to offer for all types of internet users.” – ZDNet Review

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How does AT&T internet compare to other providers?

When it comes to AT&T’s fiber internet service, there are few ISPs that can match the value of the service. A gigabit plan for $60/month the first year is much more cost-effective than most. For example, Spectrum is one of the largest internet service providers in the United States, and its gigabit plan comes to $109.99/month for the first year.

If AT&T’s internet plans are not available in your area, other options include Cox and Spectrum, both of which have strong offerings and are widely available across much of the United States. Both also offer reasonable prices for high-speed connections.

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Paul Brouse
Written by Paul Brouse

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