How does Cox TV compare to DIRECTV?

Do you like to spend your evenings catching up on the latest reality TV drama, your weekends watching the game, or your afternoons honing your skills in the kitchen along with your favorite TV chef? No matter what you choose to watch, you will need a reliable TV provider to get you the shows you love.

Cox and DIRECTV are two of the top names in subscription TV service. If you’re wondering if one of them is right for you, our breakdown of the various plans available, along with pricing and expert reviews, can help you make the best decision.

Who Cox TV and DIRECTV are for

Examining the specific needs of your family will help you to decide which provider is best for you. What is your monthly budget for TV service? Do you have the flexibility to bundle other services along with TV? Which specific channels can you not live without? Answering these questions will guide you in the right direction.

Cox TV

One of the top features of Cox TV is its digital video recording (DVR) capabilities. If you have a variety of shows you watch but don’t have time to watch them live, Cox TV offers four different DVR options to store anywhere from 50 to 1,000 high definition (HD) hours of your favorite shows.

Cox TV also offers packages for all kinds of TV viewing starting at $53/month. This includes top networks such as CBS, FOX, NBC, PBS and more.

If you are interested in setting up your TV along with internet service or home phone, Cox has a bundle for each option. Bundles start with the basic equipment needed for set up and then you can filter out what you need to create a customized package that is just right for you.*


DIRECTV offers an impressive amount of channel options in all of its packages. The basic Entertainment package comes with 160 channels, but if you want the most variety you can choose the Premier package with 330+ channels. If you’re an avid sports fan, DIRECTV has you covered with NFL Sunday Ticket included at no extra cost for the first year of service on the Choice, Ultimate, and Premier packages.

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Key considerations

What else do you need to know about these two TV providers?

Starter channel options

Cox TV’s starter plan offers 75+ local channels at $53.00/month. This includes the basic cable networks and 50 commercial-free music choice channels. DIRECTV’s starter package is $74.99/month for over 160 channels including major sports channels and 45,000 On Demand titles.

DVR capabilities

Cox TV’s DVR can hold up to 1,000 hours of shows and can record up to 24 shows at once depending on which plan you choose. DIRECTV has the Genie HD DVR and Genie Mini receivers. With these DVRs, you can record up to five shows at once and save up to 200 hours of HD content.


Cox TV offers four different services that can be bundled to fit your needs including TV, internet, home phone service, and Homelife smart home technology. DIRECTV can be combined with AT&T fiber internet, which advertises 25 times faster upload speeds and more bandwidth than cable.


Cox TV has multiple sports packages to choose from that feature your basic NFL, NBA, and NHL channels. Cox also offers seasonal packages so you can secure access to the games you want to watch. DIRECTV gives you 24/7 access to all your favorite sports channels from national, regional, and league-specific networks. All DIRECTV packages, except for Entertainment, include one-year of free access to NFL Sunday Ticket, allowing you to watch football games every week without interruption.

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What others say about Cox TV and DIRECTV


According to CNET, Cox TV has one of the top TV and internet bundle deals of 2022. Also of note, the American Customer Satisfaction Index gave Cox a score of 62 out of 100 in 2021. That score is in line with most other providers, and somewhat better than a few popular choices, such as Mediacom, which scored a 59 and Suddenlink, which came in at 56.


DIRECTV received a score of 66 out of 100, which is above the national average, from the 2021 American Customer Satisfaction Index. Additionally, DIRECTV earned high marks in the most recent U.S. residential television survey from J.D. Power & Associations. In that raking, DIRECTV earned the second-highest score among all subscription TV providers in the US, 721 out of 1,000.

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How do Cox TV and DIRECTV plans compare?

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