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How does DIRECTV compare to Optimum TV?

DIRECTV is a multichannel video distributor primarily known for its satellite TV service. It is the largest satellite TV provider in the US with 21 million subscribers, and its service is available in most areas of the country. DIRECTV offers premium sports programming in its core offering, as well as a streaming service called DIRECTV STREAM.

By comparison, Optimum offers premium TV service and a wide selection of plans that reflect a range of prices and channels. Still, Optimum TV doesn’t have the same reach as DIRECTV and is only available in four states. Despite the limited availability, Optimum is still a popular choice for TV service with just over 13 million subscribers.

Many factors have to be considered before you choose the best TV provider for you. The following is a breakdown of the services offered by DIRECTV and Optimum TV to help you decide.

Who DIRECTV and Optimum TV are for

Both providers offer packages that are suitable for many viewers. Avid sports fans might get the most value out of DIRECTV, as it offers a wide range of HD sports channels as well as exclusive content like NFL SUNDAY TICKET. As a plus, it offers a large collection of regional sports channels from all over the US, as well as an alternative streaming service with all of its content delivered via the internet. If you are fine with signing a two-year contract, DIRECTV could be the perfect fit for you.

Optimum TV offers a similar selection of channels, but it doesn’t have the NFL SUNDAY TICKET and similar sports-focused packages. Individuals and families who do not need those channels will find a wide variety of TV service options and bundled packages. Optimum TV also doesn’t require a contract, making it a better fit for those that need a flexible option, such as residents who don’t know how long they will live at their current address.

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Key considerations

Optimum’s basic Core TV plan starts at $105/month and includes 220+ channels. The company offers two other packages – Select TV with 340+ channels for $130/month and Premier TV with 420+ channels for $155/month. In comparison, DIRECTV’s Entertainment package starts at $74.99/month and includes 160+ channels, while its next-tier Choice package has 185+ channels for $79.99/month.

However, there is more to DIRECTV’s packages than price as the company includes plenty of extras. NFL SUNDAY TICKET is included on all but its most basic offering and all of the company’s packages come with three months of premium TV channels like SHOWTIME and Starz for free.

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What others say about DIRECTV and Optimum TV

Optimum TV is fairly small compared to other TV providers, so they don’t appear in many standard rating and ranking sites. PC Mag gives a succinct overview of DIRECTV service, saying it “delivers a reliable live TV streaming experience, but its plans cost more than those from competitors.” PC Mag continues by explaining that most users would be looking to upgrade from the default DVR plan, so keep that in mind when budgeting for TV-related expenses.

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How do DIRECTV and Optimum TV plans compare?

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