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How does Xfinity compare to Google Fiber internet?

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With some of the fastest internet speeds available, Xfinity and Google Fiber can both ensure you have everything you need for gaming, streaming your favorite shows, watching movies, checking out new music, videoconferencing and more.

But how do these internet service providers (ISPs) compare, and which one is best for you? To help you decide, we’ve gathered all the details you need to know about Xfinity and Google Fiber internet, including a rundown of package options, comparison of services, and opinions from industry experts.

Who Xfinity and Google Fiber internet are for

Choosing an ISP isn’t just about price these days. You also need to know where services are available, package speeds, contract terms and monthly fees before making a decision.


Xfinity has a fairly large footprint with services available in at least part of 39 states and D.C. (covering about 35% of homes in the US). But as of now, less than 1% of households will be able to access their fastest fiber speeds. Despite this, there are still plenty of internet plans to choose from.

Although prices vary according to which region/market you’re in, you’ll generally have a choice between 5 or 6 packages. The lowest package offers speeds up to 50Mbps for $20-$25/month (suitable for web surfers and email checkers) and the fastest package boasts 1200Mbps for $70-$89.99/month.

If your household has heavy internet usage needs, such as having lots of devices streaming videos at once, frequent online gaming, or running multiple smart home devices at once, you may want to consider the 1200Mbps package.

Google Fiber

Google Fiber has a much smaller service area compared to Xfinity – only covering about 1% of US households. But, it may be an option for you if you live in large metro areas such as Atlanta, Austin, Charlotte, Orange County, Nashville, Provo and Salt Lake City. You may have even better luck if you live in Kansas City or Huntsville, where Google Fiber has a much larger footprint.

Though Google Fiber currently only offers two plans (1000Mbps starting at $70/month or 2000Mbps starting at $100/month), the plans include unlimited data, don’t require a contract and have no equipment fee. These plans are great for households that value fast speeds and price transparency.

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Key considerations

What else do you need to know to choose between Xfinity and Google Fiber internet?

Installation fees

Xfinity charges $89.99 for professional installation, but you can opt to self-install which means no installation costs. Google Fiber does not charge an installation fee, but you may have to pay a $10 deposit when you sign up. The good news is this deposit can be applied toward your bill later.

Equipment fees

All Xfinity internet plans require a $14/month equipment rental fee (or $20/month if you opt for the Gigabit Pro plan). Google Fiber does not charge a monthly equipment fee.

Data overage fees

If you’re in an Xfinity service region that imposes a data cap, you’ll be charged $10 for each additional 50GB of data you use each month, with a cap of $100 in overage charges per month. You can opt to upgrade any Xfinity internet plan to unlimited data for an additional $30/month. Google Fiber, on the other hand, does not have data caps, so you won’t have to worry about data overage fees.

Early termination fees

Xfinity plans that require a contract will charge $10/month for each unfulfilled month of your contract. Google Fiber does not require a contract, therefore there are no early termination fees.

Non-return equipment fees

Xfinity will charge you $110 if you do not return your modem at the end of your service contract. Google Fiber fees for damaged or unreturned equipment vary based on what equipment you received with your service. But these fees generally range from $100 to $300 per item.

Prices after 12 months

Xfinity prices will increase after the first 12 months of service on any plan. Google Fiber pricing is not considered to be introductory, therefore it won’t automatically increase after a specified amount of time.

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What others say about Xfinity and Google Fiber internet


Xfinity gets a lot of fanfare from industry experts thanks to its large service footprint and long history in the ISP market. US News & World Report has certainly taken notice, naming Xfinity #1 on their Best Internet Service Providers of 2022 list, #1 on the Fastest Internet Service Providers of 2022 list, and #1 on the list of Best Fiber Internet Providers of 2022.

CNET, on the other, isn’t quite as impressed – pointing out large differences in prices between Xfinity’s markets as well as some contract requirements, data caps, and required equipment rental fees. Though CNET does give the company high marks for its large variety of plan options.

Google Fiber

Though Google Fiber hasn’t generated enough buzz for industry experts to say much so far, a recent review of Google Fiber by CNET points out that although Google Fiber internet might not be the least expensive fiber internet available, when you factor in the perks of unlimited data, no contract requirements, and free equipment rental there is much more value than you might first realize.

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How do Xfinity and Google Fiber internet packages compare?

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*Pricing varies by location and availability. Speeds may vary. All prices subject to change; for current pricing and availability visit our internet service page. Prices as of 3/11/22.

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