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How does Xfinity compare to Verizon Fios internet?

Xfinity and Verizon are two of the largest and most reputable internet service providers in the country. Whether you are a remote worker, small family, or individual with serious Wi-Fi needs, you can get reliable, fast, and affordable internet plans from both companies. Verizon Fios is currently only available in 9 states (Verizon has non-fiber plans with much wider availability). Xfinity, in contrast, is available in 40 states across the US.

Who Xfinity and Verizon Fios internet are for

People who like to browse the web, check email, or watch TV online, may not need a high-speed internet plan. For $19.99/month for the first year, Xfinity offers customers in the Western US a basic plan with 50Mbps. In contrast, Verizon Fios starts at $49.99 for 300Mbps. Xfinity does sell a plan with similar speeds and pricing. The difference is that Xfinity only offers that combination for the first 12 months. After that, the price goes up.

That said, Xfinity may be a good pick for someone who needs more bandwidth, like large families, serious gamers, or remote workers who need to be able to download large files quickly. Xfinity’s top-tier plan includes 1200Mbps for as little as $70/month for the first 12 months, increasing to $113.95/month after that. In comparison, Verizon Fios tops out at 940Mbps for $89.99/month.*

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Key considerations

These internet providers offer different speeds, coverage areas, and additional fees that you should be aware of before making a decision about an internet plan:

Internet speeds

Verizon Fios and Xfinity internet speeds are fast. Verizon offers download and upload speeds up to 940Mbps. However, Xfinity offers a slightly faster download speed with a plan reaching up to 1200Mbps.

Service areas

Verizon Fios’ availability is currently limited to 9 states. In contrast, Xfinity’s internet availability area covers 40 states.

Early termination fees

If you choose to end your contract early, Xfinity charges a $120 early termination fee, which is much lower than the $350 fee you’d face when canceling Verizon internet service early.

Installation fees

With Verizon, you’ll pay $99 for installation and Xfinity’s fees are comparable, but slightly slower at $89.99 for installation.

Modem fees

Xfinity charges a modem rental fee of $14/month and that fee moves to $20/month if you have their Gigabit Pro internet plan. By comparison, Verizon charges up to $15/month for modem rental.

Non-return equipment fees

Verizon charges a fee of $175 if you don’t return their equipment, while Xfinity charges up to $210.

Data overage fees

Verizon offers unlimited data and doesn’t have a data overage fee. Xfinity offers unlimited data only in the Northeast US region. The West and Central US regions have a data cap of 1.2TB, and Xfinity charges you up to $100 for exceeding your data limit in these service areas.

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What others say about Xfinity and Verizon Fios internet

Comparing Xfinity vs Verizon internet and customer service, each has an excellent customer service ranking. In the 2021 American Customer Satisfaction Index, Verizon tied with AT&T for the #1 spot scoring 71/100. Xfinity ranked #2 in 2021, which was an improvement from where they ranked in 2020.

According to J.D. Power’s latest ISP customer satisfaction rankings, Verizon and Xfinity internet have some of the highest ratings in the East region, scoring 714 on a 1,000-point scale. Xfinity ranked in the top third for overall customer satisfaction, with an average score of 726 points across all regions.

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How do Xfinity and Verizon Fios internet packages compare?

Xfinity vs Verizon: which offers more reasonably priced plans? Xfinity offers an affordable 50Mbps plan for $19.99/month in the West region and the same speed costs $25/month in the Central US. At $49.99/month, Xfinity offers a 300Mbps internet plan in the Northeast region. Verizon offers an entry-level plan for $49.99/month, with up to 300Mbps.

Xfinity vs Verizon: which offers a better value? If you are looking for unlimited data, low-cost plans, and fast download and upload speeds, Verizon offers a better value plan starting at $49.99/month for 300Mbps.

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*Pricing varies by location and availability. Speeds may vary. All prices subject to change; for current pricing and availability visit our internet service page. Prices as of 2/8/22.

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