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How does Xfinity compare to Windstream internet?

Curious what internet and TV plans are available locally?

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Whether you’re streaming content, working from home, playing online games, or hanging out on social media, you may find the speed you need from both Windstream and Xfinity internet.

While the lines between internet service providers (ISPs) can be blurry, there are some clear differences between what these two companies offer. Xfinity has a slightly lower entry price and is available in more areas, while Windstream provides a fast introductory internet package and a less expensive gigabit-speed option.

We’ve explored each provider in detail by examining what they offer, as well as expert reviews, to make it easier for you to choose the best ISP for your needs.

Who Xfinity and Windstream internet are for

One of the primary considerations when shopping for internet service is the size of your household and what each person does online. For families with minimal needs—such as browsing online or posting to social media—entry-level plans can work well. However, if your home has several gamers, movie-watchers, and people who work from home, there’s a good chance you’ll find value in higher-speed internet packages from Xfinity and Windstream.


If you’re looking for low prices, you should know that Xfinity offers an entry-level plan starting at $25/month in the Central US. This package provides 50Mbps speed through a cable connection, making it a good choice for smaller households. However, if you have heavy internet users in your household, this option may not be enough, particularly because it comes with a 1.2TB data cap.

Xfinity also has speed options on the higher end of the spectrum, making it a good choice for larger families, including those with online gamers and people working from home. For example, in the Northeast region of the US, Xfinity’s Gigabit service provides speeds as fast as 1200Mbps for $89.99/month. In the Central US, you can get the same speed for $75/month, and it costs $70/month in the Western US. With internet this fast, you can enjoy Zoom meetings without jitter or lag, games without significant latency, fast downloads, and reliable, smooth streaming.


Looking for gigabit-speed internet for a reasonable monthly cost? Windstream offers a 1000Mbps plan at $67/month. This is a good option for relatively large households with many internet users. You can accommodate several smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, and even multiple Internet of Things (IoT) devices, such as smart refrigerators, exercise machines, and home security systems.

You also have the option of Windstream’s Kinetic 500 service for $57/month. This gives you 500Mbps, which is more than enough for small- to medium-sized families full of online enthusiasts. Windstream also offers a 400Mbps plan for $47/month and a 200Mbps plan for $37/month.

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Key considerations

The following are ways in which Xfinity and Windstream internet compare side-by-side.

Early termination fees

Xfinity charges an early termination fee between $110 and $230 if you cancel your services before your contract ends. Windstream, on the other hand, does not have any penalty for ending your subscription early.

Type of internet offered

One of the most significant differences is the type of internet each provider supplies. Xfinity offers cable service for all of its packages except its Gigabit and Gigabit extra, which are fiber internet. By comparison, Windstream’s packages are all fiber optic.

Variety of plans offered

Overall, Xfinity offers more plan options than Windstream. In many areas, Xfinity has six plans, ranging from $25/month for 50Mbps to $75/month for 1200Mbps, although 2Gbps and 3Gbps plans are available in some markets. Windstream has four plans, ranging from $37/month for 200Mbps to $67/month for 1000Mbps.

Modem rental fees

Xfinity charges $14/month to rent one of their modems, while Windstream charges $9.99/month.


Windstream is available in 18 states, and Xfinity’s service currently covers 40 states.

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What others say about Xfinity and Windstream internet

In a 2021 study by J.D. Power & Associates, Xfinity achieved customer satisfaction scores above 700 on a 1,000-point scale in all the regions where it operates. Windstream came in at 682 out of 1,000 in the one region where it does business in the same study.

The study measures how satisfied customers are with the speed and reliability of their internet service by administering a survey. Even though Xfinity outscored Windstream, Windstream still outperformed other well-known ISPs, including CenturyLink, Suddenlink, and HughesNet.

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How do Xfinity and Windstream internet packages compare?

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Curious what internet and TV plans are available locally?

Enter your address to find out what providers and plans are available to you.

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