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What is Updater ?

Updater is your digital moving assistant. It saves time and streamlines the entire moving process for you, your clients, and everyone involved. The journey of buying or selling a home is stressful enough—but moving doesn’t also have to be. With Updater, you can help your clients enjoy a streamlined move while also promoting your business and your local partners.

When you give a client access to Updater, they get a set of tools to help them move. First and foremost, they'll see a custom dashboard that's co-branded with your professional branding and organizes all of their moving tasks. From reserving a moving company to setting up TV, we're here to make everything easier.

When you offer Updater, you help make moves easier for the people you work with. They'll get a cutting-edge guide through the otherwise stressful process of changing homes.

What does Updater do for me?

Updater offers an easy way to care for your clients during a stressful time. That means higher satisfaction for them, and time saved for you. You'll also have the chance to put your branding front and center to clients.

Here's just some of what we offer you as a real estate professional:

  • Fewer headaches. Easier moves for clients mean fewer problems for you.
  • Custom branding. Every client gets a personalized experience, and you can add your own headshot and branding. Learn more about adding your branding.
  • Personalized preferred providers. Customize providers and referrals within Updater to create a more personalized and engaging experience for your clients.
  • Increased adoption of partnerships. Drive clients to your preferred partnerships when they’re making decisions about their move.
  • A dedicated success team. Our Client Success Team understands the needs of your business. We provide strategic guidance to get the maximum value from each and every one of your partnerships.
  • Marketing resources. Access our Resource Center for helpful training and marketing materials that you can share with agents, loan officers, and clients.
  • An expert moving support team. Our experienced Moving Support Team is available to help your clients with any moving-related questions they have. We field the questions, so you don’t have to.

Explore more benefits for you and your team

Happier clients also lead to more referrals and return business.

What does Updater do for my clients?

Updater helps your clients feel at home faster by managing any and all moving tasks. That means providing the tools and information needed to do everything from securing insurance to setting up utilities—all in one place.

Updater offers each of your clients an easy way to:

  • Set up services like TV, internet, and utilities—including referrals to your preferred providers
  • Update their driver's license
  • Get help moving their stuff
  • Forward mail
  • Enjoy exclusive discounts

Each step of the process is personalized to their specific destination and moving timeline.

Curious for more info on what we offer your clients? Click here.

You can also learn more about the communications we send to your clients.

How will my clients learn about Updater?

Our technology integrates directly with your company’s transaction management system, which gives us client information in real time. We'll send customized email invites to your clients a few weeks in advance of their estimated close date. Learn more about our communication with your clients.

Here’s how it works:

  • 1. The email your clients receive will come from you, sent “via Updater”. A unique link in the email will direct each client to their Updater dashboard, where they'll find a personalized digital moving tool experience.
  • 2. Prior to sending this communication to your client, we'll send you a heads-up email to le you know which clients will receive an Updater invite.
  • 3. We recommend telling our clients that they'll receive an email invite from you. Let them know that it's for a platform called Updater, which will support all of their moving needs.

What if a client doesn't want to use Updater?

No problem. Check out our article on the communications we send to clients.

What do I have to do for Updater to work?

We’ve designed Updater to run completely behind the scenes, so there's very little work required for you or your team.

One simple step ensures that you’ll get the most out of our partnership: talk to your clients about Updater! Tell them about how you'll help streamline all of their moving-related tasks in one simple platform. They just need to check their email for an Updater invite.
Updater gets important data about your clients' moves by connecting with your transaction management system. Those integrations let us help your clients at exactly the right times. (Technically it's not magic, but it's pretty close.)

Updater will always send you a notification 2 days before your client's move.

You can also let prospective clients know that you offer Updater, so they know about the extra value that you offer.

What if my client's moving date changes?

Updater is designed to minimize complications for you and your clients. When your clients organize and complete moving tasks via Updater, it’s much easier for them to communicate date changes or cancellations with third parties. They can also easily update forms and orders.

Clients can easily update their move date in the Updater dashboard. For each moving task, they can simply select dates that work best for their specific needs.

Is my clients' information safe with Updater?

Absolutely. Rest assured that we take users' privacy very seriously. We never share, rent, or sell your company’s or your client’s data to third parties. All of their information is secure within our system.

As outlined in our privacy policy, Updater will only use the data that you share about your clients to facilitate delivering the product and offering our various services. Updater integrates directly with leading transaction management systems for one reason only: to automatically send your clients a co-branded invitation to use the app. For your additional security and peace of mind, we never collect highly sensitive information from your clients.

For more information, check out our privacy policy.

Can I mention Updater while prospecting?

Of course! Listing presentations are the perfect time to mention that you offer Updater. Let prospective clients know that you understand how stressful moving can be, and that's why you’ve invested in technology to help them save time.
You can even go a step further and promote that you use Updater on your blog, website, or social media pages. It's an extra benefit for your current clients, and additional value you offer to prospective clients, too.
Don't forget that you can also add your own branding to the Updater experience to further promote your work.

Where can I learn more?

The Help Center is here to answer all of your questions.

If you still have a problem, you can also contact us at [email protected].

Explore Updater's key features

Updater was designed with movers and real estate professionals in mind. The magic all starts from the Updater dashboard. It's customized and co-branded for you and your company, so your clients get tools that are relevant and useful for their moves.

Updater helps homebuyers with any and all moving tasks to reduce the stress of moving and enhance the customer experience you offer throughout their new home journey. The features below take the stress out of moving and help your clients feel at home faster.

FAQs in this article:

How does Updater help my clients move?

We provide your clients with the tools and information needed to make their move easy, while also giving you the opportunity to support local partners, and more.

Move belongings

Clients can coordinate their physical moves directly through Updater. Depending on how far they're moving, we'll show options to get their stuff from Point A to Point B. Learn more

Set up utilities

Residents can easily set up all of their utilities – gas, water, and electricity – in one place.

Purchase TV and Internet

Compare, purchase and install TV and internet packages. We’ll help you find the fastest speeds and most affordable providers in your area.

Forward mail

Your clients can skip that trip to the post office. In just a few clicks, they can file their official USPS mail forwarding form. We'll even pre-fill the form with their new address—and they won't pay a dime extra

Update accounts

Clients can update their mailing addresses for accounts and subscriptions in just a few clicks. From newspapers to loyalty programs, we’ve partnered with over 15,000 businesses to save your clients hours.

Forward mail

Your clients can skip that trip to the post office. In just a few clicks, they can file their official USPS mail forwarding form. We'll even pre-fill the form with their new address—and they won't pay a dime extra.

Claim exclusive discounts

Clients get access to great deals from a variety of retailers. It's value that saves them money during the moving process, so they can start feeling at home faster.

Share moving announcements

Clients can create personalized e-cards and share them on social media. Each announcement gives a shout-out to you with your custom branding, too!

How does Updater help my clients set up their new homes?

We provide your clients with the tools and information needed to not only make their move easy, but also help them feel at home faster.

Connect utilities

Clients can seamlessly sign up, transfer, or disconnect their electric, gas, and water services. Updater lets them know which utility companies to use based on their new zip code.

Hook up TV and internet

Clients can compare cable and internet packages and schedule installation directly through Updater.

Use your dashboard

The power of Updater lives in the dashboard. It's your one-stop shop for accessing all of our tools, and using it is a breeze. We've got an overview and some tips for you to make the most of it.

FAQs in this article:

What is the dashboard?

The dashboard lets you monitor your clients’ engagement with their Updater invites. From the dashboard, you can also make updates whenever necessary. It's your destination for interacting with Updater.

How do I use the dashboard?

Start by logging in to Updater. Once you log in, we'll take you to your dashboard.

Here are some actions you might want to take once you're there:

  • Check the status of each Updater invite to determine what each recipient has and hasn't done.
  • Modify invites that haven't been sent yet. Just click “Cancel” or “Edit” next to the invite.
  • Send an invite one more time. Click Resend to send another invite to someone who hasn’t yet opened the first one.
  • Manually create a new invite. Click Send an Invite Now to make it happen.

What if I have a problem using the dashboard?

We're here for you. Just reach out to [email protected].

How Updater communicates with your clients

You might be curious about what your clients receive directly from Updater. Rest assured that we take data privacy very seriously. Here's a guide to understanding the kinds of communication we send, so you're never in the dark.

FAQs in this article:

Why does Updater send emails to my clients?

Our communications complement the Updater app, and make sure that your clients have the timely reminders they need for a successful move. Rather than only offer the app, we engage and help people throughout the entire moving process—and email is a big part of staying in touch with them.

Your clients will automatically get invites to Updater, because Updater integrates with your transaction management system. You can also send an invite manually.

Data privacy is extremely important to us. We want to be very clear: we never share, rent, or sell your company's or your clients' data to third parties. As outlined in our privacy policy, Updater will only use the data that you share about your clients to facilitate delivering the product and offering our various services. Updater integrates directly with leading transaction management systems for one reason only: to automatically send your clients a co-branded invitation to use the app.

For more information, check out our privacy policy.

What kinds of communications does Updater send?

We send emails to keep people engaged and up-to-date on their moving tasks. Here are some example emails:

  • Invite to Updater. This is clients' first taste of Updater, and it shows them how much we can help during the stressful process of moving. It's triggered automatically through Updater's integration with your transaction management system.
  • Advice on budgeting for a move
  • Reminder to forward mail
  • Last-minute moving checklist
  • Tips on home security after moving day

What value do Updater communications have for me?

To kick off the whole process, your clients receive an invite to Updater that's co-branded with your business. As we send them emails, they see more and more evidence that you're on top of the move, and want to be of service.
By helping moves go smoothly, our communications also make life just a little bit easier for everyone involved… including you.

What if someone doesn't want to receive emails?

We won't send invites to people who don't want to receive them. If you have a client who doesn't want to get emails from us, you can cancel their invite from your Updater dashboard.

If your company is integrated with Updater, we'll send you an email notification two days before your client’s invite is sent, so you can make any changes or cancel the invite entirely.

Add your headshot and branding

When you work with Updater, we're partners in serving your clients and building your business. That's why we co-brand so much of the Updater experience. Learn how to add your branding and make an impression on your clients throughout the moving process.

Why should I add a headshot?

Adding a headshot is the perfect opportunity for you to put your best face forward to clients. They'll see this photo throughout their entire experience on Updater.

Your clients also have the option to share that they're moving via email and social media. They can customize their own message, but a “Special Thanks To” section is always included, and is completely branded with your information. It's a sure-fire referral engine for you.

When will clients see my branding?

Your branding will show up throughout clients' experiences on Updater:

Adding your headshot and branding is a huge opportunity to present the full picture of who you are as a real estate professional, a brand, and a business.

How do I add my headshot?

Follow these simple steps:

  • 1. Log in to Updater. You'll see your dashboard.
  • 2. Click Branding at the top of the page.
  • 3. You'll see the option to add your headshot on the page that appears. Upload the image that you want to use across Updater.
  • 4. While you're here, you can also add your personal information (including social media links) and customize the message your clients see when they’re invited to Updater.

What kind of headshot should I use?

The best headshots:

  • Show you from the shoulders up.
  • Feature a simple and uncluttered background. Save that family portrait for another time.
  • Are generally the same photo that you use on your social media pages and website. This consistency helps present a unified brand to your clients.

Customize your Updater invite message

We know that your brand, reputation, and image are crucial to your business. In addition to adding your branding to Updater, you can also customize the message that your clients receive as part of their Update invite. Here's how.

How do I customize the message in clients' Updater invites?

Just follow these steps:

  • 1. Log in to your Updater account.
  • 2. Click Branding at the top of the page.
  • 3. Click Message. You'll find it next to "Profile", just below the "Branding" link.
  • 4. Write your message, and let your creativity run wild. Feel free to use any of the default content we provide, or create your own unique message.
  • 5. Click Preview to make sure everything looks right.
  • 6. Click Save when you're done.

If you have any questions, just contact us at [email protected].

Send an invite manually

Updater offers powerful integrations with a variety of tools, including transaction management and loan origination systems. Those integrations let us send invites to clients automatically, so they can get started with Updater. Learn more about how we communicate with your clients.

There might be times when you want to send a one-off invite to a client. Here's how to do that directly from your Updater dashboard.

FAQs in this article:

How do I send an Updater invite manually?

Follow these steps:

  • 1. Log in to your Updater account.
  • 2. Click Send Invite at the top of the page.
  • 3. Enter your client’s first name, last name, and email address.
  • 4. Enter either a “to” or “from” address. Adding both is even better.
  • 5. Enter an estimated move date.
  • 6. Send your invite!

What will my client receive?

Your client will receive an invite to claim their Updater account. We'll automatically pre-fill the information you provided, so your client has even less work to do.

If you have any questions, just contact us at [email protected].

Resident Onboarding

Residents List / Resident detail page
Check the status of each resident’s move. This will allow you to see what each resident has completed and what remains. You will be able to filter by property or search by resident or unit number.

Configuring the property and setting preferred partners

Set up company branding and key information, including property details, key contacts, web and social links, and a connection to your resident portal.
Configure move-in tasks and preferred providers in your property settings. You can specify which tasks you want your residents to complete, from setting up utilities to paying their move-in costs. You can also set preferred providers under task and provide specific instructions for added context.

Reporting and Analytics
Analyze data and reports on your Updater activity. This includes invites, signups, trends in task completion, and total orders for your preferred providers.