Tituss Burgess Blasts Moving Company on Yelp

Tituss Burgess Blasts Moving Company on Yelp

It’s a horrible cliché and something many people fear… a horrible moving experience.

In fact, a recent moving horror story is making its way around the internet. Tituss Burgess, an Emmy-nominated Actor for Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, recently left a scathing Yelp review for a Brooklyn-based moving company. 

Planning a move soon? Never fear! This doesn’t have to happen to you. Use our expert tips on How to Choose a Moving Company to ensure that you find a friendly, reputable, and awesome mover. 

For the full story on Entertainment Weekly, click here

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And the internet is precisely the reason why you can never keep bad customer service hidden away in storage. You need to make sure that you are offering a service solution that truly values your customer and not just the price that they pay that goes into your pockets. A single bad review could ruin any business in the Gold Coast, or any other part of the world for that matter!

This is the age of the internet and social media where your reputation can be destroyed by a 100 word review if you don't play your cards right! Everything from the way you handle your customers items in storage or even a single unit of their belongings can make a difference to how they rate you at the end of your service to them!

You can never know who you're next client might be and what he might say to others about your company.
That's why it's important to treat all your customers like celebrities, be kind and understanding, and most of all, do your job properly.
Many companies underestimate their client's power - they might say some pretty nice things about your services, bring you more work, and become loyal to your brand. But they can also destroy your reputation. People always tend to go miles when it comes to bad experience and make sure that the whole world knows about it.
The people who don't understand that probably don't care much about their companies, nor about their work for that matter.

Abbie Philpott | Move Out Services @ http://pleasedtocleanyou.co.uk/