Turn Your Cross-Country Move into a Fun Road Trip

Whether your new home is 200 or 2,000 miles away, a long distance move doesn’t have to be dreadful! With a little planning and an appetite for adventure, you can turn your cross-country move into an epic road trip.

Music is a must

Create a playlist long enough to last several hours of driving — you’ll get sick of hearing the same top 40 songs repeated on the radio. Mix and match between relaxing songs for down time and fun, pump-up music when you need an energy boost. If your car doesn’t have an auxiliary cable port, invest in a radio adapter or a cassette adapter to play tunes from your phone or mp3 player! (Psst – need a moving day playlist? We made one for you!)

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Play games!

Especially if you have kids, you’ll need something to keep everyone entertained. Play the license plate game, alphabet game, road-trip bingo, and other fun games to keep the whole gang content. If you’re more on the tech-savvy side, there are plenty of apps like FunBlast Trivia, StoryLines, and Heads Up! that will keep everybody from asking “Are we there yet?”.

Pro tip: I Spy is a perfect game to keep the kids busy during traffic!

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Plan fun stops along the way!

You’ll already have a route planned before hitting the road, so be sure to look up the best attractions to see along the way. Even if an attraction is a little off-route, consider making time for a slight detour if it means spicing up your trip! Who knows, maybe you’ll end up in a national park, or you’ll find the world’s largest can of paint.

Smartly pack your snacks

Nothing says road trip like a backseat full of drinks and snacks! To keep all your bags, boxes, and bottles organized, store them in a small plastic bin that’s easily accessible during the drive. Even better, divide up snacks into small plastic bags for easier access — no need to constantly pass around the bag of Doritos!

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Keep calm and road trip on

Moving is stressful enough, so keep your road trip as positive and carefree as you can. Unexpected events are just part of the adventure — keep that in mind if you get a little lost or are running a bit behind schedule! Mishaps become the best stories, after all.

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Happy road tripping!

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