Company Dashboard Refresh

You’ve requested it, and we delivered! Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of a new and improved Company Dashboard to provide you with deeper client and resident insights – including industry benchmarks – in a beautifully designed, user-friendly experience.

What’s New?

As a reminder, you’ve always had access to your Company Dashboard – it’s your home base for all things Updater. With this refresh, you now have greater insight into how your clients and residents interact with Updater, how your company stacks up against industry benchmarks, and where you can better focus your efforts for maximum impact.

Log in to your Company Dashboard to check out the new experience.

A Fresh New Look

With this release, your Company Dashboard has a fresh new look, breaking client and resident data into several tabs:

  • Performance Overview: A snapshot of how many of your clients and residents have been invited to Updater, claimed their accounts, used the app, and more.

  • Resident/Client Insights: Interesting data points and trends, such as top loyalty programs, move activity, most popular zip codes, and more to help you make smart marketing decisions.

  • Agent Analytics (for real estate clients only): A brief overview of how many agents have claimed their Professional Accounts and set their personal branding.

  • Key Features (for property management clients only): An overview of how residents engaged with key features, including your preferred providers.

Industry Benchmarks

Curious to understand how your company stacks up against similar companies? We now showcase your stats against industry benchmarks to provide more context around your overall performance with Updater so you understand where improvements can be made. 

Resident/Client Insights

For the first time ever, you have access to aggregate data points and trends about your clients and residents, like their top subscriptions, loyalty programs, and alumni associations, as well as what offers they’re claiming within Updater.

Property management clients also have insight into specific move activity, including move-ins vs. move-outs, whether your residents moving out are renting or buying their next home, and where they’re moving. (This data is coming soon for real estate brokerages and moving companies.) 


We’re incredibly excited about this refreshed Company Dashboard, and we want your feedback. Once you’ve reviewed your new dashboard, please take our quick, two-minute survey, and let us know what you find most helpful, as well as additional areas of insight we can provide to help your business. We appreciate it!

As always, if you’re an Updater partner and have additional questions or concerns (or want a tour of the new dashboard), feel free to reach out to your Success Manager directly.