Introducing Calendar View

laptop with calendar

As a property manager or onsite team member, you know that calendars and scheduling are crucial to keeping move-ins running smoothly. Whether it’s knowing who is moving in next week or ensuring a resident has completed move-in tasks, having a clear understanding of what’s coming up is key to success. That’s why we’re excited to introduce our latest Updater Pro Onboarding feature: Calendar View.

What is Calendar View? It’s a new tool that provides onsite teams with a day-by-day view of all residents by their lease start date. This view helps onsite teams quickly identify and prioritize time-sensitive moves.

Key features include:

  • Choose to view resident information for a single property or your entire portfolio
  • Resident names are color-coded: green means a resident is move-in ready, white means they are not ready and have more tasks to complete
  • Click on a resident’s name to jump to the resident’s profile
  • View by month or a daily agenda

But we’re not stopping there. We’re already planning Calendar View upgrades to give you more insight into move-in readiness. Check out this new feature today and let us know what you think!