Introducing enhanced ResMan integration

White Updater & ResMan logos on a dark blue backgound

Managing move-ins can be a time-consuming and complex process for multifamily professionals. With multiple tools and systems to use, keeping track of resident move-in progress can quickly become overwhelming. That’s why we’re excited to announce our expanded bi-directional integration with ResMan, which turns the integration from one-way to two-way, helping to reduce the time and effort required to manage move-ins.

For ResMan users currently on Updater Pro, there’s never been a better time to upgrade to Updater Pro | Onboarding. Pro Onboarding serves as a digital move-in assistant that puts all move-in to-dos in one simple digital task list. The days of tracking move-ins with emails, spreadsheets, phone calls, and papers are long gone.

You’ll benefit immediately from:

  • Increased team efficiency – Leasing teams can quickly send welcome letters, track resident move-in progress, and take immediate action from a single, collaborative dashboard. With automatic data synchronization to ResMan, errors and time-consuming manual updates are significantly reduced. On average, Updater Pro | Onboarding saves leasing teams over 3 hours per move.
  • Enhanced resident satisfaction – Pro Onboarding provides residents with a seamless move-in experience, rated as “extremely easy to use” by 95% of users. On average, communities see the time it takes for residents to complete required move-in tasks drop from 1 week+ to less than 3 hours. They’re ready to move in on the same day!

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