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Introducing enhanced ResMan integration

Managing move-ins can be a time-consuming and complex process for multifamily professionals. With multiple tools and systems to use, keeping track of resident move-in progress can quickly become overwhelming. That’s why we’re excited to announce our expanded bi-directional integration with ResMan, which turns the integration from one-way to two-way, helping to reduce the time and effort required to manage move-ins.

For ResMan users currently on Updater Pro, there’s never been a better time to upgrade to Updater Pro | Onboarding. Pro Onboarding serves as a digital move-in assistant that puts all move-in to-dos in one simple digital task list. The days of tracking move-ins with emails, spreadsheets, phone calls, and papers are long gone.

You’ll benefit immediately from:

  • Increased team efficiency – Leasing teams can quickly send welcome letters, track resident move-in progress, and take immediate action from a single, collaborative dashboard. With automatic data synchronization to ResMan, errors and time-consuming manual updates are significantly reduced. On average, Updater Pro | Onboarding saves leasing teams over 3 hours per move.
  • Enhanced resident satisfaction – Pro Onboarding provides residents with a seamless move-in experience, rated as “extremely easy to use” by 95% of users. On average, communities see the time it takes for residents to complete required move-in tasks drop from 1 week+ to less than 3 hours. They’re ready to move in on the same day!

Ready to streamline your onboarding process with the advanced ResMan integration? Fill out this form to get started today.

Adrianne Gallman
Adrianne Gallman

Adrianne is a marketing lead at Updater. She is based out of Austin, TX and enjoys traveling, interior design, and is a dog mom to a Jack Russell pup named Amelia Roo.

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