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Introducing package and delivery signup and our partner MRI Software estimate that each resident in a community will receive 9.41 packages each month in 2022, with that number increasing to 10.65 in 2023. 

Many packages arrive in the month a resident moves in, making the timing of signing up for package lockers and package pickup extra critical. No one wants mattresses or couches sitting in the parcel room or small packages taking up all the space in a locker system.

Today, we’re pleased to launch a new feature that allows future residents to sign up for your package and delivery system before moving into a unit. Using Package Signup, you can:

  • Empower residents to self-serve: Build a move-in workflow that tells your residents how packages and deliveries work in your community, eliminating the need for back-and-forth emails about what to do next and how to sign up for package services.
  • Prevent confusion: Tell future residents how and when to sign up for packages, making it easy for residents to find the information they need, quickly.
  • Make it required: If signing up for your package service is a requirement for move-in, mark it as required with one click. We won’t deem a resident “approved” or “ready to move in” without package signup.
  • Link to your custom program: Provide a unique link for residents to sign up with your package and delivery system. You can provide links for LuxerOne, AmazonHub, Parcel Pending, Fetch, Smiota, Package Nexus, Package Concierge, American Locker, SpaceSaver, DHL PackStation, and many more. 

In a few easy clicks, you can create a workflow unique to your package system and help residents sign up earlier, easier. 

View the enhancements in your dashboard and navigate to the Residents tab.

Jenna Weinerman
Jenna Weinerman

Jenna is Updater’s Head of Marketing and a published ReloTech expert. She’s an endless seeker of knowledge, a lover of craft brews, and a huge Philadelphia sports fan. Follow her on Twitter here.

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