Introducing the Updater Dashboard

Historically, tracking return on investment with Updater was tough – we admit it. You had to rely on your Success Manager to provide engagement metrics, with little visibility into the metrics that matter on a consistent basis. With our new Dashboard, however, that has finally changed! 

Currently available to all clients, the Dashboard is your new home base for managing your Updater account. The Dashboard provides a few really great things… like:

1. Easy-to-understand data visualizations.

View data in real-time, like how many Updater invitations your company has sent, how many of your customers or residents actually used Updater, how many features they used, and much more.

2. Team management

Specifically for our real estate brokerages and teams, you can now add, edit and remove real estate agents from your company on Updater. 

3. Preferred provider management

For our clients who have our Preferred Providers feature enabled, you can now manage your partners and special offers in real-time, without having to wait on your Success Manager. You can search and sort providers for easy editing, and our property management clients can now search and sort providers by property as well.

4. Manage your managers

We’re introducing the new concept of “Managers” within Updater. A Manager is a person who has the privilege to (you guessed it) manage your Updater account online. Managers can add/edit other managers, add/edit preferred providers, view insights and analytics and add/edit real estate agents and properties.

5. Property management

Finally, our multifamily clients can manage their properties in real-time. Managers can add and edit properties, updating basic property information without having to rely on your Success Manager. 

What else is going on?

We recently enhanced our integrations with a number of core software providers. Big improvements ahead. Yay!  Contact your Success Manager for more information.

Also, two weeks ago, we were voted NMHC’s Launch Pad competition winner by our peers in the apartment industry! Thank you, thank you!