Introducing the Resource Center

In the past, gaining access to Updater training materials and marketing collateral admittedly meant a lot of back-and-forth between you and your Success Manager. Therefore, we’re proud to launch our new Resource Center to make your life MUCH easier. Think of it as your own “Updater Universe” for all the materials that you’ll need to succeed with Updater (and beyond!).

What’s Included?

1. Branded Marketing Collateral.

Boatloads of beautiful marketing assets, like cheat sheets and rack cards, to help you explain how Updater works to your clients, prospects, and the rest of your team

2. Videos, eBooks, and Webinars (Oh My!).

Training resources to help your business (specifically for our moving and property management friends)

3. Presentation Materials.

Presentation slides that you can use to help explain how Updater works to your clients, prospects, and the rest of your team

4. Press release templates to promote your business

Downloadable press release templates to help score media coverage for your business

5. Resources and content to populate your blog and social media accounts.

Pre-written blog post templates, ideas to populate your blog, and beautifully-designed social media graphics to keep your accounts fresh

6. Tips & Tricks to help grow your business.

Tons (seriously, it’s a lot!) of articles, best practices and new ideas to help grow your business

7. And much more! 

How to Access Your Resource Center

You can now access your Resource Center directly from your Dashboard. Login to your Dashboard and simply navigate to your name in the top right corner. Click the drop-down navigation menu, and you’ll find your Resource Center right there. Click around, try everything out, and please let us know if there’s anything you’d like to see added. Please share feedback with your Success Manager at [email protected]