Updater Pro | Onboarding Spring 2023 Product Update

We know managing resident moves can be a hassle and a significant source of stress for our multifamily partners. This is why we recently released several top-requested features to further simplify the process. From a document center to store all critical documents in one place to unlocking the ability to collect proof of emotional support animals, we’ve got you covered.

We built these exciting new features earlier this year and gave access to beta customers – and the response has been astounding. We’re incredibly excited to share these features today and discuss how we think about managing move-ins with greater ease and efficiency.

  • Document Center: We heard that our partners spend too much time trying to find important documents on each resident’s record. Over the past month, we tested the new Document Center – a single, centralized location where you can view all resident documents in one place – to reduce friction. Results were extremely positive and you can now find all documents (from proof of insurance to pet vaccination records) all in one tab. All documents are also automatically synced to your property management system. Learn how to use this feature.
  • Configuration Confirmation: For our friends at corporate, we launched an easier way to monitor your Updater | Pro Onboarding rollout and implementation progress. You can now see which communities are ready to go live and which ones are still configuring details. You’ll be better informed so that you can support a smooth launch across your entire portfolio. Learn how to use this feature.
  • Emotional Support Animal Proof: For many people, emotional support animals (ESA) can provide a crucial source of comfort and companionship when transitioning to a new living space, making it an important consideration for those moving into your community. We heard that you collect ESA documentation, so now you can do that inside Updater as well. You can now turn on ESA documentation as a required step via the “Register your pet” task. This step instructs the resident to upload proof, streamlining the registration process and ensuring that residents have the support they need. Learn how to use this feature.
  • Metrics Dashboard for Admins: Data is critical for keeping move-ins on track, so we’ve made it easier for you to quickly draw insights into how your communities are performing — not just on their own, but also within the context of your overall portfolio of properties. The dashboard allows admins to view and download all the information they need in one place. Learn more.
  • Expanded Entrata Integration: Reduce the time and effort required to manage move-ins. The expanded integration with Entrata turns the integration from one-way to two-way, allowing your teams to focus on the most critical projects of the day. Learn more.

We hope these updates help your team to continue to offer a world-class resident experience. We’ll be back next season to share what new features and capabilities we built for you.

If you don’t use Updater | Pro Onboarding currently, don’t be a stranger – reach out and we’ll show you how we’re delivering residents ready to move in under a day’s time.