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Hawaiian Telecom Internet Review

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Hawaiian Telecom is the 12th largest DSL provider in the United States, offering consumer, business, wholesale communications, and technology services in Hawaii. Some of their popular offerings include television service, local phone, long-distance phone, and internet services (DSL and fiber). Hawaiian Telecom also offers wireless services like mobile virtual network operator via partnerships with Sprint and Verizon’s CDMA networks.

This guide provides all you need to know about Hawaiian Telecom as an internet service provider (ISP), including information about plans, prices, and reviews.

Who is Hawaiian Telecom internet for?

Hawaiian Telecom internet is ideal for anyone in Hawaii needing reliable, fast internet to support their professional and home needs. The company currently offers DSL internet access to an estimated 1.3 million people in the state. Besides DSL broadband, Hawaiian Telecom also provides copper and fiber internet services. There are approximately 800,000 people using their fiber broadband today, making it the 18th largest provider of fiber broadband in the country by coverage area.

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Key considerations

The following are some of the key considerations to keep in mind when thinking about an internet plan from Hawaiian Telecom:

How long is the contract price locked in?

Depending on your plan, there are 12 and 24-month price lock guarantees upon signing up.

Are there data overage charges?

Hawaiian Telecom charges an overage fee of $15/1GB of data if you go over your plan allowance.

Are there discounts if I bundle it with other services (such as TV or phone)?

Hawaiian Telecom doesn’t offer discounts if you bundle your internet plan with other services like TV or phone. Usually, bundling can reduce your monthly internet bill due to the discount that comes from purchasing television or home phone service.

What is the internet speed like?

Hawaiian Telecom internet’s maximum download speeds range from 1.5 to 940Mbps. Upload speeds range from 0.38Mbps to 300Mbps. Hawaiian Telecom is the only real fiber-to-the-home service in the state. The bandwidth of the fiber optic cable is 10,000 times that of a standard copper connection. This means you will likely get speeds up to 7 times faster than those offered by cable companies.

Will I pay for equipment charges?

Yes, Hawaiian Telecom charges equipment fees. They vary by location, so its best to check your specific address to know exactly what charges you can expect.

Does Hawaiian Telecom offer a money-back guarantee for its internet?

Hawaiian Telecom provides a thirty (30) day money-back guarantee. The 30-day money guarantee begins on your service-ready date. During this period, a customer can cancel high-speed internet service and receive a full refund of all monthly charges and equipment charges. The customer is also required to return all equipment in good working condition.

How do I return equipment to Hawaiian Telecom?

Equipment must be returned to the Kapolei Hawaiian Telecom Service Center upon termination of service. Call 808-643-3456 or visit for more information.

Are there fees for the early termination of my contract with Hawaiian Telecom?

Early termination fees don’t apply for internet service terminated within the 30-day money-back guarantee period.

Can I use my own modem with Hawaiian Telecom?

Hawaiian Telecom allows customers to use compatible third-party supplied equipment, including gateways, routers, or modems on their copper or fiber networks.

Is Hawaiian Telecom DSL only?

Hawaiian Telecom offers a range of internet access, including DSL, fiber, and copper internet, in 90 zip codes throughout Hawaii.

Hawaiian Telecom internet plans and pricing details

Hawaiian Telecom offers a range of internet plans customized to meet the unique needs of each user. The following is a summary of their internet packages and pricing:

Fioptics 500 – $44.99/month

The Fioptics 500 plan offers up to 500Mbps download & 300Mbps upload. This allows you to stream on over ten devices simultaneously. This plan has no data caps and provides a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. However, internet service & speeds are not available in all areas.

Fioptics 750 – $54.99/month

Fioptics 750 offers download speeds of up to 750Mbps download and 300Mbps upload. With this plan, you can comfortably stream on over 15 devices at once. It has no data caps and offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. However, internet service and speeds are not available in all areas.

Fioptics 1 GIG – $74.99/month

The Fioptics 1 GIG plan offers download speeds of up to 940Mbps and uploads up to 300Mbps, which is enough to stream on more than 15 devices. It has no data caps and offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

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What others say about Hawaiian Telecom internet

Hawaiian Telecom internet enjoys wide popularity and positive reviews among its users and stakeholders. The following is a summary of what others say about the company:

  • According to Best Neighborhood, “Hawaiian Telecom download speeds range from 1.5 to 1,000Mbps. The average customer accesses plans with up to 389Mbps download speeds. This puts Hawaiian Telecom in the 75th percentile compared to other ISPs in download speeds, meaning speeds are noticeably faster than the average ISP. Upload speeds range from a low of 0.38Mbps to a high of 300Mbps. The average is 115Mbps, positioning Hawaiian Telecom in the 71st percentile in upload speeds, which is fast for a typical household.”
  • US News Report says the following about Hawaiian Telecom internet “Fiber internet, offered by Hawaiian Telecom, is the best choice for working from home. It is also one of the fastest internet providers in Honolulu, behind Spectrum. The company offers the cheapest plan above 10Mbps. Currently, Hawaiian Telecom offers 20Mbps DSL and fiber for $29.99/month.”

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How does Hawaiian Telecom internet compare to other providers?

Compared to other providers, Hawaiian Telecom is clearly the leader in terms of internet prices, speed, and customer service. These factors are why more people choose the provider as their internet provider. Customers specifically love the high internet speeds, including the upload speeds, which are the fastest in Hawaii. The company also provides a range of products to choose from, including DSL, fiber, and copper internet.

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Hawaiian Telecom
Available download speeds
300 940 Mbps
Plans as low as
39.99 /mo
for just

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