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MCTV TV Review

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MCTV is a telecom service provider located in Massillon, Ohio. It provides advanced broadband products for residential and commercial customers, including high-speed internet, phone, security systems, TV advertising, digital TV, and dedicated fiber-optic connections.

MCTV currently serves over 53,000 customers in towns and counties throughout Ohio. If you live where MCTV TV is available, you may want to look into what it has to offer.

Before you decide if MCTV is a good fit for you, you should consider the plans, pricing, and benefits they offer. We’ve summarized essential facts about MCTV TV plans to help you make the right choice.

Who is MCTV TV for?

For residents in its service area in Ohio, MCTV offers two home TV plans: Lifeline ($52.95/month) and Basic ($125.95/month). However, TV pricing may vary based on the area of service.

If you are always on the go, you can enjoy your favorite shows with the “Catch Up” feature. Many networks offer this feature that allows you to watch a show that aired within the past 72 hours. The availability of Catch Up varies by network. You can also watch on-demand titles, pay-per-view, and live TV on the WatchTVEverywhere application.

The WatchTVEverywhere app is a free service for MCTV cable TV customers. It allows you to stream live programming and on-demand content from over 90 networks on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Users can also tailor their channel lineup by choosing an HD Essentials add-on at a price of $7.95/month. This add-on will give you access to more high-definition (HD) content as well as additional networks.

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Key considerations

Do customers require a set-top box on all their TVs?

MCTV is an all-digital cable system. So if you’re using older TVs, you’ll need a set-top box to view channels. MCTV also offers numerous styles of set-top boxes to improve your TV viewing.

If you’re using newer TVs, you’ll be able to access the channels on MCTV Lifeline and Basic TV lineups without using any set-top boxes.

Does MCTV TV offer high-definition (HD) channels?

Yes. MCTV TV offers over 100 HD channels. You can check out their channel lineup to see what HD channels are available with your plan.

Why should you use a set-top box instead of your TV’s built-in tuner?

You can watch standard definition (SD) and HD channels on the Lifeline plan and SD channels on the Basic plan with a built-in tuner. However, you may have to occasionally carry out a re-scan to find TV channels when they’re rearranged or to detect new channels.

On the other hand, you can view all HD channels covered in your MCTV cable TV plan with a set-top box. Plus, you can use the on-screen program guide and parental controls.

Does MCTV TV offer solutions for visually impaired customers?

MCTV TV has a Talking Guide available for visually impaired or blind users. It audibly reads information on the screen to help users navigate the guide and tune channels. However, the Talking Guide is only available on select HD and DVR boxes.

Does MCTV offer on-demand TV?

Yes. MCTV offers easy-to-use on-demand TV. You’ll find a lot of content available on-demand for free as part of your TV subscription. You also have the option to rent titles for a fee.

Can you access 4K content with MCTV?

At present, MCTV doesn’t offer any 4K content.

How much will you have to pay at the time of installation?

You will need to pay:

  • Installation fees, which cost $50 for standard installation
  • Equipment and service deposits (if required)
  • The prorated amount for the current month’s service

All bills are sent around the 15th of every month.

How much does the WatchTVEverywhere app cost?

The WatchTVEverywhere app is included as part of your MCTV cable TV subscription at no extra cost.

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What others say about MCTV TV

MCTV has gradually increased the charges for its traditional cable TV packages during the past few years, which has led to some customer frustration. The company has seen declining profit margins for its TV offering and is putting more emphasis on providing broadband internet service.

Since MCTV is a smaller provider, it’s not on the radar of reviewers in big-name publications or annual rankings. However, the company has earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). In assigning ratings, BBB looks at several factors, including the number of BBB complaints received and whether the company satisfactorily resolved them. On the BBB site, the company has a history of proactively responding to customer issues.

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How does MCTV TV compare to other providers?

When it comes to channel options, MCTV TV offers over 230 channels to choose from with its Basic plan. The entry-level Lifeline plan covers 120+ channels for $52.95/month. On the other hand, the entry-level plans of some of the most popular cable TV providers like Xfinity, Suddenlink, and Cox offer 10, 50, and 75 channels respectively.

MCTV also offers advanced features that include FUSION multi-room HD DVR, WatchTVEverywhere app, and on-demand TV. MCTV also has three local programming channels that bring local interest stories, events, and sports right to your living room.

Unlike other providers, MCTV TV has only two cable TV plans. Even its most basic package is on the expensive side compared to other cable TV services such as Xfinity ($30/month) and Suddenlink ($30/month).

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Curious what internet and TV plans are available locally?

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