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RCN Internet Review

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Whether you’re a family of avid gamers, work remotely, or you have an ever-growing collection of smart home devices, you need a reliable high-speed internet connection to support your modern lifestyle. There are many well-known internet service providers (ISPs), but there are also some hidden gems that you may not be aware of.

One example is RCN internet, which is owned by Astound Broadband. If you’re located in the metro areas of Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Lehigh Valley (PA), New York City, Boston, or Chicago, then you may be eligible for RCN internet service.

But what does RCN have to offer, and is it really as good as more popular brands? We’ve put together everything you need to know to decide for yourself, including key things to consider, reviews from experts, and pricing information.

Who is RCN internet for?

RCN is an ISP for those who want fast speeds at a low introductory price and a service that won’t saddle them with a long-term contract. While pricing varies across different markets, first-year pricing is generally $35-45 for RCN’s top tier plan with 940Mbps download speeds. This is a highly competitive rate for a gigabit internet plan when you compare it to comparable plans offered by Verizon Fios at $89.99/month or by Cox at $99.99/month.*

Heavy data users may also be interested in RCN internet service due to their unlimited data policy.

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Key considerations

Does RCN have contracts?

RCN internet does not have contracts tied to their plans. While the first-year price is always a low introductory rate with an increase in year two, subscribers are not locked into a contract. That means if the price increase is too much or you decide to make a change for any other reason, you can do so without a penalty or fees.

Can I provide my own equipment?

Not only can you provide your own Wi-Fi router and modem, but if you do so, the equipment fees will be waived. This is another area where RCN internet shines, as some broadband providers maintain a mandatory equipment fee that cannot be waived.

While you can provide your own equipment, RCN does offer some enticing equipment rental options such as an Eero Pro 6 Mesh Router. This router blows away most of the basic ones typically provided by other ISPs.

Are there data overages?

RCN internet comes with unlimited data on all of its plans. You can stream, game, or browse to your heart’s content without ever worrying about incurring data overage charges. This is another area where RCN rises above some of the competition.

While some of the big-name broadband providers still have a cap on data with fees for overages, RCN continues to keep its data unlimited. This can be particularly beneficial to those who are working remotely and paying for their own internet service.

What is RCN’s cancellation policy?

Because there is no contract, RCN internet service can be canceled at any time without any fees or penalties. The only fees that you may see are if you are using RCN-supplied equipment and fail to return it. But this should come as no surprise when equipment is rented and not owned.

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What others say about RCN internet

Much of the praise for RCN internet is centered around its customer service. This is critical for a smaller, regional service provider. According to one CNET review: “It scored an 8.0 in overall customer satisfaction, which put it in the top five listed internet providers. It also scored well above the average industry score, which was 7.1.”

RCN is also praised for its low starting prices and special offers. “Most customers will be perfectly satisfied with its smallest tier, often offered at just $30 a month” noted one reviewer from ZDNET.

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How does RCN internet compare to other providers?

Offering coverage in only six metro areas, RCN internet doesn’t quite have the sizable service area of some of the giants in the broadband space, but it is highly competitive in the six markets where its service is available. Its introductory pricing provides some of the most affordable broadband services available anywhere in the US.

By offering unlimited data and service with no contract, RCN internet offers a solution for those with a distaste for contract lock-in, and provides a worry-free experience for the most extreme data users. The option to waive the equipment rental fee by providing your own router and modem could also be a differentiator compared to some of the other ISPs available in your area.

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*Pricing varies by location and availability. Speeds may vary. All prices subject to change; for current pricing and availability visit our internet service page. Prices as of 3/24/22.

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Available download speeds
100 940 Mbps
Plans as low as
19.99 /mo
for just

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Curious what internet and TV plans are available locally?

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