Letter from the CEO: Updater’s Guiding Principles

As the pioneering ReloTech company, Updater reimagines the relocation experience for the 17 million households that move each year. Our goal is to turn the previously painful process of moving into an enjoyable, efficient experience. We partner with the leading real estate brokerages, property managers, and relocation companies in the U.S. and are proud to help our partners deliver a better experience and improve their bottom line through Updater — a completely customized, co-branded technology.

Our distinctive technology and national scale provide a unique opportunity for Updater to deliver unprecedented value to the entire relocation ecosystem — the millions of households that move each year, our partners that deliver a co-branded Updater experience to their residents and clients, and the service providers that transact with relocating consumers moving into their new homes.

With over 700 partners in the real estate and relocation industry, we now process approximately 10% of all household moves in the U.S. on our platform each month. As we continue to grow and evolve, it’s important to set forth the principles that will govern our platform:

  • We prioritize the user experience. We build transformative technology to help our users organize and complete all moving-related tasks within our platform. Our technology delivers a curated moving experience, surfacing only the most relevant and helpful content, and enabling simplified transactions. Additionally, our partners trust Updater to deliver a phenomenal experience for their relocating clients and residents — a responsibility that we take very seriously.

  • Our core algorithms are optimized to deliver a personalized and helpful experience for each user, and neither partners nor service providers can override this experience. Our partners and service providers can contribute information to our platform (such as the geographic boundaries and pricing of service providers, and the preferred vendors of partners), but consumers trust the Updater experience because it’s unbiased and we’re always on the side of our users, helping them efficiently make great decisions.

  • We never sell the data of our users or partners. Instead, Updater integrates with service providers and builds technology to facilitate helpful, contextual communication between service providers and our users on our platform. Ultimately, we deliver a transformative moving experience ­— helping users make great decisions, save money, and painlessly organize and complete their moving tasks within our platform.

As we continue on this journey to improve the relocation experience and bring it online, I appreciate the confidence and support of our partners and, of course, our users. We’re excited to redefine the relocation experience in America.