Build Customer Loyalty for Your Trusted Utility Brand

build customer loyalty

The exponential increase in online commerce as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic means that millions more people are offering personal details, not to mention financial information, through web sites and online portals. 

As a result, consumers are more focused than ever on finding and building long-term relationships with known, trusted brands. During the height of the pandemic, “55 percent of consumers reported turning to brands they trust during lockdown.” Your utility service is one such trusted brand as you already deliver critical energy and water services.

Because of the nature of that relationship with a consumer, your team is able to extend that trust and enhance your brand’s value by offering a range of value-add services to your customers at a very stressful time in their life – when they are relocating to a new home. And with that move to a new address comes lots of major decisions to make in a relatively short period of time. 

One task on that mover’s to-do checklist typically involves a call to your utility’s customer service center. In the past, that call simply initiated or discontinued service. But progressive-minded utilities increasingly use inbound phone calls to set-up or disconnect service as an opportunity to extend or establish brand loyalty. Additionally, many companies use the phone call to build a non-meter revenue source, by offering consumers additional home services, products, and warranty offerings.

Build Customer Loyalty with a Mover Concierge Program

By working with a partner like Updater to create a “mover concierge program,” your utility brand can go beyond just the start-service transaction and offer your consumers the convenience of setting up additional home services that they need and want. Whether that be on the phone call after utility service has been established or providing a digital marketplace to complete moving tasks.

By presenting additional move-related offerings at this critical time in a mover’s journey – like connecting internet service, selecting home warranty programs, setting up home security (just to name a few) – your utility can add value and help alleviate moving stress at a time when the mover needs help checking off the tasks on their moving to-do list. 

As a trusted partner, your utility’s brand can offer movers more than utility services, you can offer consumers peace of mind knowing that their home is connected to the services they need and save them valuable time in the process. Partnering with Updater offers an opportunity to increase your efforts to build customer loyalty, enhance customer satisfaction, and grow revenue as you put your trusted brand to work. 

To learn more about creating a custom mover concierge program for your utility customers, reach out to us, we’d love to help.