Laramar Group Personalizes Resident Experience

Founded in 1989, the Laramar Group is a national real estatement investment and management company with over 600 employees across the U.S. They’re headquartered in Chicago, with property management headquarters in Denver. This summer, the Laramar Group partnered with Updater to provide a better experience for all residents and enable their teams to focus on more strategic initiatives. We spoke with Justin Wilson, a Leasing Director for the Laramar Group, to discuss how it’s been to work with a dedicated Success Manager and the effects of Updater on his community, Dock Street Flats.

Since offering Updater for the first time, how have your residents responded?

Our prospects and residents have been thrilled with the service. It does exactly what it’s promised to do — make moving easier! To have a one-stop shop that reminds you of all the little details that are easy to forget when moving is more valuable to our prospects and residents than I’ve ever imagined. Since implementing the service, we have received rave reviews. It’s been nothing but a breeze for them, and for us to update with preferred vendors, etc. We love having Updater!

How has offering Updater affected your resident happiness and loyalty?

I would say that it has increased the ease of moving in that it gives new residents peace of mind when moving onto the property — that they did not miss any minor details. Regarding Updater, we have also received many thank-yous from residents moving out of the community. This makes us different from our competitors because it’s something that everyone will remember — that we have their best interests at heart.

Inside a Dock Street Flats apartment in Minneapolis, Minnesota

What is one way Updater has helped your company and made the lives of your team members easier?

Updater has made move-in preparations seamless. We provided information to our Updater rep and they loaded it into the site within minutes; it’s another thing that we don’t have to worry about in the day-to-day preparation of leasing. There isn’t anything to update, so I don’t need to constantly remind myself to review the website, and it’s saved us many hours of preparation for move-in and move-out day.

Why do you think working with Updater has been successful for your property?

Updater has been successful for Dock Street Flats because it’s simple, easy, and seamless. We live in a world where we want things instantly, and we want to complete things on our own time. Updater provides the perfect balance for any lifestyle. Our residents enjoy seeing our preferred vendors — in which we provide information about many different recommended services — and it gives newcomers an introduction to some of our handpicked neighborhood favorites.

How would you describe your overall experience working with a Success Manager?

Working with Landis has been one of the easiest things I have yet to do in property management. I send Landis a quick email with the company that I’d like to add to our vendor list — their phone number and their website — and within moments, Updater updates and sends the information to our future move-ins and move-outs. It’s been a breeze, and Landis has responded to all inquiries within minutes. I’m highly impressed with everything she has done for us and how easy it has been to work with her.

Anything else you’d like to add?

In the moment, we forget about the little things, which can add up to a big stress right before move-in. Updater allows everyone to take a deep breath and get excited about moving, no matter what situation prompts a move. Thank you, Updater, for being a great service to all of our residents!