How leasing agents can save time (and sanity) by automating the move-in process

The move-in process is one of property managers and leasing teams’ most critical yet time-consuming processes. While ensuring a smooth transition for new residents, these tasks can take valuable time away from regular leasing duties, creating a bottleneck that impacts overall efficiency. The good news? Automating the move-in process can be a game-changer, freeing up time and reducing stress for everyone involved.

The time-consuming nature of the move-in process

Moving new residents into a community involves a multitude of tasks that require meticulous attention to detail. The process is inherently complex and labor-intensive, from handling documentation to coordinating with various stakeholders. Here are some key activities that typically occupy leasing teams:

  • Documentation: Completing and verifying lease agreements, collecting security deposits, and preparing move-in packets.
  • Communications: Managing back-and-forth communications with new residents to answer their questions and provide updates.
  • Coordination: Scheduling move-in dates, organizing inspections, and ensuring all utilities and services are set up.
  • Administrative tasks: Updating records, managing spreadsheets, and following up on incomplete tasks.

These tasks consume a significant portion of the leasing team’s time and divert attention from their primary responsibilities, such as showing apartments to prospective residents and closing new leases.

Automating the move-in process: a time-saving solution

By leveraging the right tools and strategies, property managers can automate many aspects of the move-in process, leading to increased efficiency and a better experience for both staff and residents. Here are some suggestions to get started:

  1. Leverage Updater Pro | Onboarding
    Updater Pro | Onboarding is an advanced resident onboarding software designed to automate and simplify the move-in process. It offers a range of features that can save time and reduce stress for leasing teams:
    • Automated welcome letters: Create and send pre-configured and personalized welcome letters automatically, eliminating the need for manual emails.
    • Task management: Generate a centralized task list for all move-ins, complete with reminders to ensure nothing is missed.
    • Service recommendations: Provide new residents with information about preferred providers for everything from internet provider to dog walker and more.
  2. Create a centralized move-in process
    A centralized move-in process ensures that all team members have access to the same information, reducing the likelihood of miscommunication and errors. Consider using a move-in app that integrates with your existing systems to streamline workflows and store all relevant data in one place. You can view Updater Pro | Onboarding’s integrations here.
  3. Use digital welcome letters
    Instead of sending PDF welcome letters via email, use digital welcome letters that can be accessed and updated online. This approach saves time and allows for more interactive and engaging content, such as videos and clickable links.
  4. Eliminate paper checklists
    Paper checklists are prone to getting lost or overlooked. Replace them with digital checklists that can be easily updated and shared among team members. Digital checklists also allow for real-time tracking of tasks, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks.

Case study: Bozzuto’s success with Updater Pro | Onboarding

Bozzuto, the nation’s 14th largest property management company, turned to Updater to enhance their move-in process. Here’s how they achieved remarkable results:

Bozzuto needed to create a consistent, streamlined move-in experience for both residents and onsite teams. Traditional manual processes made it challenging to collaborate effectively and ensure all tasks were completed.

By implementing Updater Pro | Onboarding, Bozzuto could: quickly set up the platform and integrate it into their existing systems, automate time-consuming tasks, such as creating welcome letters and sending reminders, and provide a user-friendly experience that both teams and residents appreciated.


  • Increased efficiency: Onsite teams reported saving at least 1-2 hours per move by automating routine tasks.
  • High adoption rate: 95% of onsite team respondents rated Updater Pro | Onboarding as “extremely easy to use.”
  • Enhanced resident experience: Residents completed move-in tasks faster and provided positive feedback about the user-friendly interface.

Read the full case study here.

Case study: Madera Residential’s transformation

Madera Residential, a Texas-based property investment company, successfully implemented Updater Pro | Onboarding across their portfolio. Here’s how they benefited from the platform:

Madera faced challenges related to staffing and adapting to new resident expectations. They needed a solution to alleviate the stress of moving for both residents and onsite teams.

Updater Pro | Onboarding helped Madera centralize the move-in process, making it easier for teams to locate and manage information, automate the distribution of new resident welcome letters and task reminders, and streamline communication, reducing unnecessary back-and-forth.


  • Improved organization: Centralizing onboarding tasks made the process more efficient and organized.
  • Faster task completion: Residents completed move-in tasks more quickly, thanks to automated reminders and a guided task completion experience.
  • Positive feedback: Both residents and onsite teams embraced the platform, leading to a smoother move-in process.

Read the full case study here.

Automating the move-in process is not just a time-saver; it’s a sanity-saver for property managers and leasing teams. By leveraging tools like Updater Pro | Onboarding and adopting digital solutions, you can streamline workflows, reduce stress, and provide an exceptional experience for new residents.

Ready to experience the same transformation as Bozzuto and Madera Residential? Learn how Updater Pro | Onboarding can revolutionize your move-in process and elevate your resident experience.
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