5 Takeaways from Multifamily Pros: Bozzuto Customer Journey Webinar

We had the pleasure of hosting a dynamite webinar with none other than Jenna Miller and Daniel Paulino from Bozzuto. They really lifted the lid on how they’re shaking up the status quo to craft an unrivaled renter journey. Armed with groundbreaking strategies and a laser focus on their customers, they shared some real nuggets of wisdom for all of us in the multifamily community looking to enhance our resident experiences. Here are the top 5 takeaways from our conversation.

  1. Creating irresistible ‘curb appeal’ with digital experiences

Bozzuto understands the critical role of digital experiences as the modern-day “curb appeal” for properties. Daniel Paulino highlights, “The digital experience is the first touch point for so many of our prospects. It’s an obsession for us.” Recognizing its significance, Bozzuto focuses on the following key aspects to captivate prospects and leave a lasting impression:

  • Authentic digital representation: Bozzuto showcases the property’s true essence with genuine imagery, avoiding staged or stock photos.
  • Streamlined user journey: Bozzuto optimizes the online experience through continuous research on UI and UX, creating a seamless and intuitive path for prospects.
  • Flawless functionality: Bozzuto’s obsession with detail ensures seamless digital functionality, eliminating barriers and frustrations for a frictionless experience.
  1. Prioritize value over volume

Bozzuto recognizes the pivotal role of conversion optimization in effective marketing. Paulino highlights, “You can spend all the money you want on generating traffic, but if the user can’t convert effortlessly, it’s wasted money.” Bozzuto’s strategy is centered around prioritizing value over volume, focusing on:

  • Enhanced website performance: Bozzuto optimizes website performance, ensuring a seamless browsing experience that facilitates conversions.
  • AI-driven responsiveness: Bozzuto leverages AI to enhance the responsiveness of their digital experience, providing personalized interactions that drive conversions.
  • Insights-driven experience: Bozzuto utilizes digital intelligence tools to gain valuable insights into prospect behavior, enabling them to curate a tailored experience that exceeds expectations.

Paulino emphasizes the need for a seamless digital experience. “If there is one little thing that doesn’t work, you’re one click away to another tab, or going to a different property. We obsess over making sure that everything works, and that every experience we offer works seamlessly.” Bozzuto’s aim is to captivate prospects from their first digital interaction, setting the stage for the remarkable in-person experience that awaits them.

  1. Fine-tuning the renter journey for optimal resident satisfaction

Bozzuto acknowledges the crucial role of refining the renter journey in efficient resident satisfaction. Jenna Miller states, “We went really wide over the past couple of years. And now we’re going deep into some specific areas of the journey.” Bozzuto has thus positioned its strategy around:

  • Reflecting on and refining existing processes for a consistently amazing experience across all properties.
  • Concentrating on repeat renters, aiming to meet and exceed their high expectations.
  • Focusing on alleviating the friction points in the move-in process, a key phase in the renter’s journey.

For Miller, it’s not solely about rapid innovation but also creating an in-depth, superior resident experience. “Our toughest critics are our repeat renters… We’re focusing on making the experience consistently great, no matter what Bozzuto property you live in.” The aim is to not only attract renters but more importantly, retain them by exceeding expectations at each step. Part of this strategy involves tackling the friction associated with the move-in process, as this is a significant aspect of the resident journey. 

  1. Seek out vendors who are true partners

For Bozzuto, vendor selection isn’t just about utilizing tools but about establishing mutually beneficial partnerships. An example of this is their collaboration with Updater. Together, we’ve significantly optimized the move-in process, streamlining this crucial part of the resident’s journey. As Jenna Miller explained, “We’ve been really excited to work with the Updater team on reimagining the move-in process.”

  • By choosing vendors that align with their goals, Bozzuto fosters innovation. The synergy with Updater is a testament to this approach.
  • Bozzuto’s vendor selection strategy prioritizes partners that are flexible and enthusiastic about growing together. This approach, Miller highlights, “has been game-changing for us for the initiatives and rollouts that we’ve done.”

These partnerships ensure Bozzuto’s digital transformation isn’t merely about functionality but also about optimizing user experiences and streamlining internal processes.

  1. Embrace a renter-centric approach

In its collaboration with Updater, Bozzuto has placed emphasis on enhancing the renter experience. Jenna Miller discusses their success, “We’ve been really excited to work with the Updater team on reimagining the move-in process.”

  • Their joint effort has allowed for significant time savings for on-site teams. Miller cites an example of a property manager who, despite being short-staffed, was able to send 8 welcome letters in 20 minutes instead of an hour.
  • Updater’s system allows residents to efficiently complete move-in tasks, minimizing the chance of incomplete processes that may disrupt their move-in. Miller reflects, “Residents are just knocking out those move-in tasks really quickly.”
  • Updater’s new features have been well received, contributing to an improved overall user experience.

“So far it’s been really good, and the teams are really happy,” Miller explains. Bozzuto’s collaboration with Updater showcases their commitment to not only enhancing functionality, but also streamlining processes and improving the user experience. If you’re interested in hearing what the teams have to say, please click here.

Bozzuto’s stellar reputation as the 14th largest property management company in the country is no coincidence. Their unwavering dedication to prioritizing resident and employee experiences shines through at every stage of the journey. From initial digital interactions to the move-in process and beyond, Bozzuto leaves no stone unturned in their pursuit of excellence. Let us take inspiration from their commitment and strive to create outstanding experiences that elevate our own businesses to new heights.

This webinar is the first in our Multifamily Pros series, and we’d love to hear your feedback. Let us know if you have ideas for future topics or would like to nominate a multifamily pro as a panelist.

Watch the full discussion:

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