Top 5 Ways to Engage Your Clients After Closing

That’s it. The inspection is done, contracts have been signed, and your clients are well on their way to new-homeowner bliss. You’re confident that you’ve made a stellar impression and want to ensure that you stay top-of-mind long after closing — and get those prized referrals. But how can you go the extra mile?

Thank them with a housewarming gift: Never underestimate the power of “the personal touch.” Send your clients a practical gift that they’ll be sure to use in their new home — and remember you with. A nice salad bowl, a set of  monogrammed cards with their new address, babysitting services so mom and dad can enjoy a night out, or perhaps a gift certificate to The Home Depot or Lowe’s all can do wonders for generating future referrals.

Stay active on social media: Tweet it. Post it. Like it. The message here is: stay active on social media. Whether you’re a social media guru or just starting out, engaging with your past clients on social media is a great way to build your online network. A post-closing, 140-character tweet (Think: “Drove past your new house yesterday — lawn looks great!”) could mean the difference between receiving a referral and sinking to the recesses of your client’s memory.

Offer a sweet post-closing service: Just when your clients think you’ve given them all you got, time to whip out a sweet post-closing service — Updater. Whether Updater is helping your client find a cable provider in their new neighborhood or forward their mail with the USPS, there’s no better way to stay top-of-mind than helping your clients knock off tasks from those dreaded moving to-do lists. They save hours of time, and you look like a rockstar.

Organize your contacts: Organize your contacts in a database or CRM that can be easily integrated with an email service provider. You’ll be able to stay in touch with new leads, let old clients know you’re open for business, and keep friends/family aware of your whereabouts.

Send out a post-closing survey: It’s a double win. You’ll find out how you can improve your services for future clients and be able to feature your clients’ glowing testimonials in your marketing campaigns. Love a particular comment? Include it in your next newsletter (with your clients permission).

With these tips, get ready to start packing on the prospects. Your communication after the sale presents a unique opportunity to stand out on a regular basis, so capitalize on it!