Updater launches new iOS and Android native apps

Last week, we announced the launch of Updater’s first native mobile apps, available for both iOS and Android devices. Movers can now access Updater easily on-the-go and plan, organize, compare, and purchase everything for their move from all devices.

Based on extensive user research and mover feedback, we made the app easier to navigate in order to better organize the moving process. One of the most prominent examples of the new navigation is the new categorization of all moving tasks (and each accompanying feature) into three, easy-to-navigate tabs within the app:

  • The mover’s highest priority tasks appear in the Today tab. The Today tab is an algorithmically-driven home screen that displays the tasks that should be addressed more urgently. This may include utility setup or insurance policy purchase, if an apartment community requires it, for example.
  • All of a mover’s essential services for setting up a new home are located in the Essentials tab – services like internet, insurance, and utilities.
  • And, everything the mover needs to physically move belongings from one home to another appears in the Moving tab – this includes finding a moving company, comparing pricing, scheduling the move, and purchasing moving supplies, from boxes to bubble wrap.

The new apps allow for easy access to Updater at the push of a button. The apps also incorporate persistent sign-in, eliminating any potential sign-in friction and the need to remember a login and password.

For the initial iOS and Android launches, renters have the option to receive smart push notifications tied to specific move-in requirements at their new apartment community. For example, if an apartment community requires renters insurance to be purchased by a specific date, a push notification can be enabled to remind the renter of the due date and encourage task completion. These requirements are configured automatically based on an apartment community’s inputs into Updater, making it easier for movers to complete required moving tasks on time. In a future release, similar smart push notifications will be enabled for home buyers and sellers.

Currently, for movers to access Updater’s moving app, they need an invitation from their real estate agent or apartment community. Once a mover receives an Updater invitation, they will be able to access their Updater account from any device, native or via a web browser.

If you’re an Updater real estate partner, your residents and clients can now download the new Updater app on iOS or Android.

If you’re not yet a real estate partner, you can learn more about Updater here and schedule a demo to see how moving can be leveraged to improve your business.